Holy crap it’s 2015!

!*!*!*!*!~ HAPPY NEW YEAR ~!*!*!*!*!


I’m a bit late to the party but Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and had a great time celebrating an end to yet another year! We didn’t do anything to celebrate – we never do! In fact I was in bed by 10pm and snoring away! Apparently the dogs and Little Miss started yapping/crying when the fireworks went off at midnight…. I heard nothing!!

Now I’ve been catching up on some blogs that have been doing recap of 2014 posts and 2015 resolution posts. I’m not going to do seperate posts but basically here’s my recap:

2014 Recap

  • It has to be said that 2014 has been the year when my life changed forever…. of course this was due to the arrival of Little Miss which was the best thing in the world! She arrived on 10th January 2014 so pretty much was with us for the whole of 2014.
  • March saw us purchase Taid’s old house which now means I have debt coming out of my ears!!
  • At the end of June I went back to work.
  • In August one of my best friends finally got married! Yay!!
  • A little over 2 weeks later my cousin also got married – at long last! Yay!!
  • We took our first family holiday with her in October when we went to Malta – will post about that soon enough.
  • I took part in Blogtober14 and managed to blog for a straight 30 days!!
  • And then at the end of December we had a scan to confirm that yes I’m expecting another baby. *

* This is not something I have been able to blog about until now as I had to tell work first… they all know now!!

2015 Thoughts

  • Baby is due on July 8th which is exciting yet terrifying.
  • It also means I won’t be able to go to the British GP again this year – thankfully I never bought the tickets!
  • Nothing else is planned so we’ll see what happens!

New Year Resolutions


The Pinnacle Project

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions because I can never stick to them. Besides, it shouldn’t take a New Year to make a change. So with that in mind I’m linking up for the Make a Habit/Break a Habit for January instead! January is a difficult month to make or break any habits because it’s the busiest time of year for me but we’ll give it a go!!

Habits to Make

  • Substitute unhealthy snacks for healthier options – so rather than having that chocolate bar I’ll have an apple.
  • Substitute my tea for decaff tea – this one is medically advised!

Habits to Break

  • Biting my nails – this has always been one I’ve tried to break. I can do so for a couple of months but then start off again!
  • Leaving my desk untidy – my desk is currently full of bits of paper and files and I really need to start filing more often!

I know that isn’t much but like I said January is not the best month so we’re starting small!! Wish me luck!!


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  1. 9th Jan 2015 / 9:06 am

    Oooh, congratulations on your pregnancy! Another exciting year in store for you in 2015 then 🙂

    I managed to stop biting my nails when I had my wisdom teeth removed and physically couldn’t bite them! I’m still trying to get them to stay long – they constantly split though, then I have to cut them or else they just snap off and it looks like I’ve still been biting them even though I haven’t. It drives me insane!

    • Becster
      13th Jan 2015 / 1:44 pm

      Thanks! Yup 2015 looks set to be a big year again!!

      That’s a shame your nails keep splitting – have you tried putting something on them to treat them?

  2. 19th Jan 2015 / 3:34 am

    Thank you so much for linking up with us! I hope that your habit are going well so far. The switching to decaf is pretty tough at first- luckily there are SO many great tasting herbal teas that are naturally decaf. Have you found one that you like yet?

    • Becster
      19th Jan 2015 / 7:22 pm

      Well I’m not into the herbal teas but I have managed to get normal decaf tea. It’s not the same – doesn’t have a kick to it (that’d be the caffeine working!) but it’ll do for now.

  3. 29th Jan 2015 / 8:01 pm

    Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    • Becster
      30th Jan 2015 / 9:32 pm

      Thank you!

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