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Our little house is a tip. I have paper and pens all over the place. So I have decided that I want a proper home office space in this house. At the moment I can’t quite decide on where. I need space to keep the computer, I need a desk to work from and I need space to keep all my stationery supplies.

Home Office Space

Now that I’ve identified what I need, I’m trying to decide where to convert into an office. We have a “spare” room downstairs but we’ve decided to keep that as maybe a playroom for the girls. Upstairs we have a spare bedroom and we have MissMostyn’s nursery. We’re thinking of swapping them around. But I feel bad because the spare bedroom is smaller than her room but it’s closer to ours and will be warmer in winter. Then her current room will be turned into a spare bedroom slash home office space.

Beautiful Designs of Others

So what better way to “plan” this change than by browsing Pinterest and Instagram and lusting after other people’s home office space! Assuming that we convert the nursery into the home office space then we will have eaves to contend with. So I’m loving all the space saving ideas that I’ve come across. This next pin is like a dream….

I’m also browsing ideas for a “nook” office space in case we decide to convert the current spare bedroom into an office room. We have an inset or built in wardrobe in that room which could easily be converted into a nook. It would leave the rest of the room free for doing the ironing (husband NOT me!!).

Argh I don’t know what to do! And using the husband doesn’t help much! Trouble is I need to try and get this done sooner rather than later so I can try to reign in the chaos. It’d be great to be able to do work from home but at the moment it just isn’t possible as I don’t have the dedicated space for it.

So what do you suggest? Evict baby girl and convert current nursery into a home office space / spare bedroom? Or get rid of a spare bedroom and convert that into a home office space instead?


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  1. 21st Mar 2017 / 9:06 am

    I think the spare bedroom is better used as a home office. If you ever need it as a spare bedroom, an inflatable bed is a great option. Our spare bedroom is an office because we both work from home and it’s fab, really useful.

  2. 23rd Mar 2017 / 7:52 pm

    Hi Bec, firstly I’d decide which room is the best for the kid. Does she play in her bedroom often, if not then a smaller room won’t hurt. Corben never plays in his room! Plus, there’s a playroom downstairs anyway 🙂

    So then get yourself to IKEA with your measurements and start buying office-y stuff! I’d recommend using the walls! I’ve up a few bits on the wall in my office, only for show mind, but you could have useful stuff on them instead.

    It would be a great little project that you could blog and/or vlog! I’d love to watch that!

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