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Well the latest midwife appointment was on Monday. Baby is measuring bang on average with perfect growth level. Unfortunately little Madame is currently breech. But not to worry as I’m only 31 weeks so there’s plenty of time for her to turn still. I have to see the midwife again at 34 weeks and if baby is still breech then I’ll have to go for a scan to confirm. Unless she moves it’s likely I’ll have to have a c-section…… which means having to go in to hospital! Oh no!!

With that in mind I’ve started packing my hospital bag. I need to pack a bag anyway just in case I have to go in with complications during a normal delivery anyway. It’s such a weird thing to do! Packing stuff for me and for a baby that isn’t even here yet! I haven’t gotten very far yet though. According to the midwife I’ll need to pack the following things.

For Baby
– a pack of nappies
– wipes

– bodysuit x 3
– a dummy (or pacifier for you Americans)
– a toy
– blankets
– car seat

For Me – during labour
– dressing gown
– loose fitting t-shirt
– comfy pyjamas
– slippers
– reading material (in case things slow down)
– water spray to cool down
– water to drink
– music to relax
– snacks
– big knickers

For Me – post labour
– nursing bra
– clothes for going home
– sanitary towels

For Husband
– reading materials
– change of clothes
– drinks
– snacks

Who on earth ever thought you’d need so much stuff!! And as you can see I’ve packed all of 0%! I think we have everything but I need to wash the baby clothes before packing them which is my job this weekend.


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  1. Jessica
    4th Nov 2013 / 8:25 pm

    Best of luck with getting your bag packed. 🙂 I am sure that the baby will turn, after all you still have plenty of time.

    • 6th Nov 2013 / 8:30 pm

      Thanks Jessica! I’m hoping she’ll turn as I don’t fancy going into the hospital. The bag packing hasn’t progressed much!

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