How to Make a DIY Teepee with 4 Everyday Items

I had a few comments after posting my homemade teepee on instagram that I decided it would be good to post a DIY guide for you. Honestly it’s the simplest thing in the world! So let’s dive in – how to make a DIY teepee with 4 everyday items!

4 Everyday Items

The 4 everyday items you will need for this DIY teepee are:

– at least 3 bamboo sticks
– 1 or more large blankets
– clothing pegs or ideally towel pegs
– 1 hair tie

No need for any tools, no drills, no glue guns, no hammers, nada, NOTHING!


1) Stick your bamboo sticks into the ground at enough of an angle that the tops meet mid air. In the single man teepee 3 sticks will be enough and you should arrange them in a pyramid sort of arrangement

Bamboo sticks stuck into the ground in a pyramid arrangement

2) Tie the top of the bamboo sticks with the hair tie

Bamboo sticks tied with a hair tie

3) Drape the blanket around the bamboo sticks and use the pegs to secure the blankets.

Blanket secured by pegs

And tah-dah your very own DIY teepee! That’s it…. easy as 1,2,3!

Simples DIT Teepee

This version of the teepee is the simplest one. I made a later one at the weekend using six bamboo sticks, two Ikea blankets and so many pegs! I must admit the bigger version is better. Also, fold an extra blanket serves as a good carpet for the inside of the DIY teepee if the ground is a bit damp.

I’d love to know if you’ve given this a go – post a pic on Instagram and tag me in it ad I’d love to see your creations!

Have you made a DIY teepee?


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