*** I Still Love My Dogs ***

6 images of the pups

I feel like poor Megs and Gemma are being neglected ever since the girls arrived on the scene. So this coming weekend I hope to treat them to a few things to show them that I still love them.


Our Beagle Gemma sat during a walk to Cwmorthin

First on the list has to be walkies! The poor pups haven’t been for a walk since lord knows when so I think we’ll take them for a decent walk. As I’ve still not done the Aber Falls walk from my Snowdonia Walks Bucket List, I think that has to be top choice!

New Bedding

Megs and Gemma on their comfy blue bedding

The little rascals are mucky little pups and it’s time for fresh new bedding. I’m tempted by one of theseĀ Bunty dog beds for them. I’m undecided if I should buy one each or one to share. Normally it’s one to share but if I buy them a bone, then Gemma won’t let Megs sit with her whilst she has her bone. So I think the only option is to get one each and place one at each side of the kitchen so they both can have their own personal space.

Bones & Dog Treats

Oh yes Gemma loves her bones! Stermat in town have a lovely little selection of dog treats and bones. I used to buy the raw hide bones/chews for them but I’ve gone off the idea since there’s been a lot of talk of rawhide being bad for dogs. I need to buy more of the Minty Dentastix as Gemma’s breath stinks! (Megs’ breath stinks too but not half as bad as Gemma.)

Balls & Toys

The pups don’t really play with dog toys. I have bought them squeaky teddies in the past but inevitably it ends up being de-fluffed and squeaker eaten. Yes my dogs are stupid but I still love them… mostly… occasionally! Instead I’m thinking of investing in a ball launcher as Megs love chasing a ball. If I could teach her to use the launcher she could play with it all day whilst I watch! (OK ok I’m just being lazy!)


Gemma and me having cuddles in the sun

I’m trying my best to convince the husband to allow the dogs back into the front room. I miss my sofa cuddles with the pups! However the dog hair is an issue. Any tips?

Have you got dogs? What essential items have I missed off the list?

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