It’s Christmas!!

Six different Christmas images

Christmas 2018 has come around sudden hasn’t it?! But I we’re ready for it! Let me take you through our Christmas preparations.

Christmas Decorations

The Christmas decorations have gone up and the girls have chosen their new baubles – this year we went to Fron Goch Garden Centre to take a look. We ended up getting more than just one new bauble each though. Oh and Christmas lights! Bought our first ever set of outdoor lights and I love them!

Sion Corn

The girls with Sion Corn at Portmeirion

The girls have also been to see Sion Corn (Santa) a few times including Portmeirion’s Food and Craft Fair. Big Miss loved it but Little Miss was all about the chocolate. He asked them about where they were from and asked them which school they went to. He also knew there was a Christmas Fair coming up at their school the following week.

At the school fair we went to see him again – just to reiterate what they wanted from him. As we went into the grotto my husband was all prepared to remind him that he’d seen them on Saturday but before he got a chance, Sion Corn recognised them and went straight into a discussion about seeing them at Portmeirion. Even Little Miss was impressed as he remembered that she wanted an iPad (don’t ask!). I was watching the kids faces and it was just so magical. They are firm believers and I love it.

Christmas Food

We’ll be having Christmas dinner at my in laws house… so not much thinking required for Christmas Food this year! Having said that, I have bought some Tesco Finest stuffing because it’s the best! I bought a few veg boxes from a I.G. Roberts & Son in Pwllheli as a Christmas present for my Mam – she already knows so don’t worry the secret’s already out!

Christmas Presents

A few Christmas gifts under the tree

I feel like we haven’t gone overboard this year. The girls have asked for one main item from Sion Corn and so that’s pretty simple. Fairplay to him, he’s brought them a few extras as well. We’ve also bought them a few small things.. mostly treats although they’re going to have to share with me!

Here’s wishing you a very Merry Christmas!


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