Journey Down to Centre Parcs

Journey Down To Centre Parcs
On Sunday we started out journey down to Centre Parcs. Nain had printed all the itenaries for our journey down to Centre Parcs. She had included all the stops and layovers etc. The only problem we found by Sunday morning is that part of route the A49 in Leominster was closed for a 10 mile stretch and there was a 58 mile detour!

Stage 1 – Shrewsbury

Archery at Attingham Park

Stage one of our journey to Centre Parcs was from home to Attingham Park near Shrewsbury. It was a 2 hour drive and we were running a bit early so we took a slight detour via Shrewsbury. OK let’s be honest, hubby wanted to go to Games Workshop so he popped into there.
Shrewsbury looks like a nice place though and it’s been added to our weekend away list. Attingham Park is a National Trust site and we stopped there for lunch and a browse. I’ll post about this separately soon.

Stage 2 – Chepstow

Tintern Abbey

From Shrewsbury we travelled down to Chepstow where we would stay the night. As mentioned, due to the fact that the A49 was closed we took some random backroads to avoid it. Not quite the 58 mile detour though. It was a bit unnerving every time we passed a “ROAD CLOSED” sign though!!
En route we passed Tintern Abbey. That place is amazing! We didn’t stop but we will visit it at some point!
At Chepstow we stayed at The Two Rivers (Marston’s pub/hotel). We had an evening meal and our table was right next to the kiddie play area. Genius! So girls could run around there whilst we ate.

Stage 3 – Centre Parcs

Centre Parcs Longleat

On Monday morning we travelled the remaining hour or so down to Centre Parcs near Longleat. Exciting times was crossing the Severn Bridge.

So that was our epic journey down to Centre Parcs! Have you ever been on epic car journeys?


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  1. 21st July 2017 / 2:13 pm

    I’ve been to Attingham Park and it’s lovely. I also stopped by an alpaca farm that day and we also went to Shrewsbury for lunch, it seems like a lovely city. I can’t wait to see your pictures from Attingham.

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