Liked and Loved – December 2017

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Liked and Loved December

December was another nostalgia month for me. It’s inevitable that I always look back in this month. I lost my main man Taid in December so I always spiral into memories. Whilst of course losing him was sad, I have so many awesome memories of Christmases with him as a child. Happy days!

Christmas Play

We got to see our eldest little one star in her first nativity at her new school. She was a star – as in she ws acting one of the stars that guide Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem. But also she was a STAR! They were all so cute in their costumes!

Boi French

At the Christmas play I saw a face I hadn’t seen in 17 years! My old French teacher was there. It was SO good to see him! He was my absolute favourite teacher at school and I was so pleased to catch up with him. Although I think I made him feel old after I told him I had kids of my own. God I remember him coming to our primary school to “advertise” French to us before we went up to the secondary school he taught at. You know sometimes you’re hit smack in the face with a blast from the past. Well that was it!

The League of Gentlemen

The good old Gentlemen returned to Royston Vasey with a 3 part special. Most of the original characters made a comeback – Edward, Tubbs, Pauline, Uncle Harvey and Auntie Val… and their creepy twin daughters Chloe and Radclyffe.

Not only did they return to Royston Vasey, they also announced a new live show for next year. AND I GOT TICKETS!! So for our 6th wedding anniversary next year, we will be going to Leeds for the weekend. And meeting up with Carl from Dadtastic Voyage – a fellow TLoG fan!


On December 2nd we wnt to the Food and Craft Fair held at Portmeirion Village. The fair itself was fantastic! We did most of our Christmas shopping there – lovely little local(ish) handmade gifts for everyone.

However it was another trip down memory lane for me! As a child I had a friend who lived there so I spent a lot of time down in Portmeirion Village. So walking around and looking at all the nooks and crannies was just wonderful!


December wasn’t all about old memories but also making new ones. We went to Liverpool for the day and met up with David, Donetta and Corben! We’ve been talking online for ages and it was great to finally meet Donetta and the boy! (Already met David at BlogOn back in May). We had lunch together and made plans for them to come over to our place next February. Can’t wait!


And lastly, Christmas! Although I’m only liking Christmas Day as the rest of the holiday period was rubbish due to the flu. But no Christmas Day was a great day! The girls didn’t wake up early (yay!) so when we leisurley made our way downstairs, you should see the reaction of Little Miss to her Princess Palace! The pure excitement and joy in a child is just bliss!

What have you liked and loved during December?


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