Liked and Loved – May 2017

Liked and Loved - May 2017

Oh I’m sorry for not posting for a week or so. It’s been a bloody awful week in the UK hasn’t it? But I’m not allowing myself to think about all the fucked up-ness that’s happening. Instead I’m focusing on the positives. And with that in mind, let’s take a look at all the good things that happened in May!

Blog On MSI

Stuffing my face with @swizzels_sweets Drumsticks during #blogonmsi

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Without a doubt the best thing about May was attending Blog On MSI. Not only was it an informative conference but I also got to meet some wonderful people – David, Luke, Nigel & Anca.

Ticketing Success

I’ve had a bit of success with tickets during May. I have managed to nab tickets to see The Tenderloins (Impractical Jokers) and I’ve also won tickets to go to next year’s Ski Fi weekend! Also I’ve managed to “win” or be selected to receive tickets to go to the Williams F1 British GP Preview this coming Friday.

Retro Gaming

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Hubby and I are big fans of the show Dara O’Brien’s Go 8 Bit. It’s a show about retro gaming. Well last week the Oliver Twins were on the show. Who? I hear you ask….. well they are the mastermind geniuses behind the famous heroic egg Dizzy. Brings back so many memories! My favourite Dizzy game is still Fantastic Dizzy. I never managed to complete it but I have found out that I can play it online! That’s my productivity shot!

Family Fun

We took the girls swimming for the first time in ages! They both seemed to enjoy it which is good since we’re off to Center Parcs in July and determined to get them in the pool.

Also we went rollerblading/scootering and was having a good time until the pram broke! Also there was a birthday in the family so we had a lovely buffet at Nain and Taid’s house with the girls’ Uncle.

New Phone

I got a new phone! #iphone7 #rediphone #bloggerlife

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Oh at last I have a new phone! I tried a Samsung back in April but couldn’t get on with it. End of May, I dropped my current iPhone and went into Carphone Warehouse and walked out the proud owner of a new iPhone 7 red edition!

Public Speaking

I’m not one for public speaking. But I was asked to present an award at the Gala Evening of Gwynedd Business Week. I was so nervous – which you would’ve seen if you follow my Instagram stories! It went ok…. will do better next time!

Guardians of the Galaxy

My completed weekly Yondu inspired page! #bulletjournal #yondu #guardiansofthegalaxy

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We convinced Mam to look after the girls and went to the pictures to see Guardian of the Galaxy 2 for the second time. And to honour that I made May’s bullet journal theme!

How was your May?


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  1. 5th Jun 2017 / 4:09 pm

    It was a sad month. I think posts like this are needed as there is only one thing we can do: be happy. Hugs xx

  2. 12th Jun 2017 / 10:46 pm

    It was a great day, lovely to bump into you there too x

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