Llyn Mair

Llyn Mair - six different thumbnail images of the scenery around Llyn Mair

Llyn Mair is a beautiful little lake above Pals Tan Y Bwlch near Maentwrog. It is part of a series of resevoir lakes created to serve the hall.

Recreating Happy Memories

Beautiful Llyn Mair - green trees all around, view of the lake and the house

I have many happy memories of Llyn Mair It’s a place I have spent a lot of time at as child. One of my Mam’s favourite places to take me for walks. One of my favourite photos of me as a child is me sat on the wall by the lake.

Due to my happy memories at Llyn Mair, I now want to recreate these memories with my own kids. Whilst the husband was away I took the girls and met my Mam and her partner at Llyn Mair for a walk.

As you enter the park around the lake, there are a few picnic tables and plenty of open space for a sitdown on the grass. However, we knew of an even better place to have a picnic…

Lower Lake Walk

On the left the Woodland Trust sign and on the right a view through the woodlands that surround Llyn Mair

The lower walk will take you through the Llyn Mair Coed Cadw being the woodlands that the Woodland Trust maintain. The walk is quite gentle but due to the nature of the terrain, not ideal for wheelchairs unfortunately.

This walk is a full circular walk and so you’ll end up back at the start. It’s mostly through the woodlands but there’s a very short walk on the main road. Just something to be aware of if you have kids or dogs.

Secluded Picnic Spot

Two photos of the mini lake around Llyn Mair including the waterfall

About half away around you’ll find a mini lake and a seat. This is our preferred picnic spot as it has the mini lake (with it’s own mini waterfall), the view of LLyn Mair itself and plenty of shade. It’s a beautiful secluded spot and perfect for a picnic.

Upper Lake Walk

In addition to the lower lake walk you can also take a higher route around Llyn Mair. The upper lake is called Llyn Hafod and it’s even bigger than Llyn Mair. This is the lake to go to if you want to go swimming.

In fact, if you start at Llyn Hafod (the upper lake of the resevoirs) you can walk all the way down from Llyn Hafod, around Llyn Mair, pass the lowest lake and down to Plas Tan Y Bwlch. But be warned, if you make it down to Plas Tan Y Bwlch and your car is still at Llyn Hafod, it’s quite a steep climb back up.

It’s an absolutely lovely walk in any case and I plan to spend a lot of time here with my girls.

Have you ever been to Llyn Mair?


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  1. 22nd July 2018 / 2:26 pm

    It’s possible I’ve been here as a kid, but I don’t remember. It looks stunning! I’ll have to remember to visit next time I’m up that way.

  2. 9th August 2018 / 6:21 pm

    I haven’t been there, but I would love to. The woodland walk looks so peaceful and lovely. I will keep it in mind. x

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