*** LOL Surprise! Pearl Surprise ***

LOL Surprise! Pearl Surprise

My eldest – Little Miss – LOVES LOL Surprise Dolls. She’s addicted to watching the LOL Surprise videos on YouTube. Her favourite is Cookie Swirl C and I must admit… I love them too! So when I was offered the chance to review the new LOL Surprise! Pearl Surprise I snapped at the chance!

My eldest peaking over the fizzy shell surprise.

LOL Surprise! Pearl Surprise

The new LOL Surprise! Pearl Surprise is a limited edition and it comes with

  • 6 pearl surprise balls containing accessories
  • 1 fizzy shell
  • a glitter case
  • shell shaped box
  • Limited edition Big Sister and Lil Sister dolls

You can buy them at any good retailer but you need to be quick though as they’re limited edition and will soon be snapped up!


The 6 pearl surprise balls contained all the accessories for both Big Sister and Lil Sister LOL dolls. In our mini pearls we had a sippy cup, a pair of little shoes, two bikini bottoms and two bikini tops. The accessories only fit the Big Sister so poor Lil Sister has nothing!

Fizzy Shell

Fizzy Shell

The fizzy shell has got to be my favourite thing! It’s like one of those bath melts you get from Lush! You have to pop it in some water and just let it fizz away. After the shell has finished melting you’ll find two blind bags in the bowl. Fish them out and open them up.

Big Sister and Lil Sister

LOL Surprise Pearl Surprise Dolls - one big sister and one little sister sitting with their sippy cup

Inside the blind bags was a big sister and a matching lil sister. In our LOL Surprise! Pearl Surprise was Treasure and Lil Treasure which are both exclusive to the limited edition LOL Surprise! Pearl Surprise. Both dolls colour change and we had a great time dipping them in and out of ice cold water. It was all fun until someone went and spilt the water all over the carpet! My fault for leaving the girls on their own for 5 minutes!

LOL Surprise! Confetti Surprise

Not only did we have the LOL Surprise! Pearl Surprise but we also received 2 of the LOL Surprise! Confetti Surprise balls. Upon opening these  bad boys we received a further two Big Sisters dolls and accessories. So both girls had some dolls to play with and so to the garden we went! We did a modelling shoot with the LOL dolls! I think this was a pretty good shot actually.

I do have an unboxing video coming up on YouTube in the next few days so please go and subscribe!

Have you got your hands on the limited edition LOL Surprise! Pearl Surprise yet?

(We were gifted one LOL Surprise! Pearl Surprise and 2 LOL Surprise Confetti Pops for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own… or are the honest opinions of my girls!)


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