MacBook Problems

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I should be in Britain’s Got Talent considering the disappearing act I’ve just done! No blog post in almost two weeks. Oh the shame!!!

MacBook Problems

It wasn’t an intentional break. After getting my going replaced due to a smashed scree, disaster struck! My MacBook died during a software update and I’m still struggling to get it fixed.

We’ve had two online chats with Apple and two phone calls with Apple Tech. No one know what to do to fix it. I now need to take it in to be repaired. Trouble is my local Apple Store is in Liverpool which is just under 2 hours away. So I can’t just turn up and instead I’m trying to book an appointment. This is a struggle as they’re fully booked and can’t book in advance further than a week ahead. Why is it so difficult to get an appointment with the the Apple Store? I may defect to a Windows laptop due to this shit.

PC World to the Rescue

As it happens we went to PC World and asked their guys if they could help. They said they would have to send it off but it would invalidate any warranty as they’re not an authorised repair centre. Warranty has run out and by now I just want it fixed! So the husband took it in for me today whilst I took my eldest to a birthday party. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Buy a New MacBook?

If it can’t be saved do I buy a new MacBook? Browsing Amazon one Friday (hoping for Black Friday deals but alas they were rubbish!). Then Wowcher emailed and they had one on sale for £499. But it sounds too good to be true?

I might just defect to Windows and be done with it.

What sort of laptop do you have? Are you an Apple person? Have you ever used Wowcher?

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