Magic Tracks

Magic Tracks

During August we were sent some Magic Tracks to review. After a good six weeks or so of playing with them I can firmly say that they’re a hit and should be on top of the Christmas list for any child (or adults) who loves cars!

Magic Tracks

Just to give you some background, Magic Tracks is the 2016 toy success story from the US. It came over to the UK back in the Spring and has been kicking up a storm. You may have seen the adverts on telly? If not how about taking a little peek at my video down at the bottom of this post?

Flexible Tracks

The tracks are designed to be easily breakable which means you can mix the colours up as you want. There are four colours – yellow, green, blue and red = and they’re also glow in the dark! As each piece of the track is small, it means that it’s so flexible! You can make any track layouts you want – and if you have enough track you can even do any Formula 1 circuits…..

Magic Tracks

(Can you guess which F1 circuit this is meant to be? Comment below with your guesses!)


Magic Tracks

Each starter pack comes with tracks and one car. There are different cars available so I’m hoping to get a new one each for the girls for Christmas. Every car has flashing LED lights which perfectly compliments the glow in the dark tracks. It’s difficult for me to give you a photo of the glow in the dark tracks and LED lights in action but I managed to get a little video done…

Want to get your hands on a set? They are available from all good retailers including Smyths Toys and Amazon.

So what do you think? Top Christmas toy or what?

(I was sent the Magic Tracks for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own honest opinions and this post may contain some affiliate links)


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