Last night I was trying to write a post about the fantastic time I had at this year’s Blog On at the Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry. I was struggling to keep focused so I gave up and went to bed. This morning I’m waking up to the news of the dreadful attack at the Manchester Arena.

I just cannot believe it. I will be honest, I’ve been sat at home listening about previous attacks in different places and none of them have hit home quite as badly as this one. The thought that someone targeted a concert where children were in attendance is just beyond belief. There are sick and evil b*****ds in this world.

This attack is the closest to home it’s happened. Even more so, because Manchester Arena is where I have seen many a concert and where I would choose to go see concerts, shows etc. In fact it is still the place I choose to see shows (The Tenderloins happening in October y’all! And currently thinking about the Charles Esten gig next month).

Whilst it is absolutely horrifying and heartbreaking, it will not stop us! We MUST carry on and live life to the full…. life is short and we never know when things like this will happen.

Manchester we love you and we stand with you.

(My Blog On post will come later in the week.)


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  1. 23rd May 2017 / 2:04 pm

    It’s so sad. I had the TV on all day, while doing my tasks. It made me want to go to Manchester. I will go there these days, as soon as I have the time.

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