Media Mondays #002

RIP Mr Bob Hoskins

So on 30th April (last Wednesday) the news broke that Bob Hoskins had died after a bout of pneumonia. Now it’s not often a celeb dies and I’ve sat there unable to move. I just sat on the sofa thinking “oh no how sad” and proceeded to google him! Which is rather odd really as I never thought I was a Bob Hoskins fan. I mean yes I knew I was a fan but if you’d have asked me who my favourite actors were I don’t think I’d have ever mentioned him. I think it’s because he was somewhat underrated in my mind. Which I think is why I was so saddened to hear that he’d died.

(Not sure if that made sense!)

Growing up there’s a few films I remember watching over and over and over. One of them was Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and it’s the first film I remember seeing Bob Hoskins in. If you’ve not seen it then you’re missing out on a treat! The basic plot is

The family-friendly film noir is set in a 1940s L.A. where cartoons are real and have their own Hollywood suburb called Toontown. Roger Rabbit (Charles Fleischer) is a big studio star, but is troubled by rumors that his wife Jessica (Kathleen Turner) is having an affair. Studio boss R.K. Maroon (Alan Tilvern) hires toon-hating P.I. Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) to keep an eye on Mrs. Rabbit, but it all ends with murder, and Valiant and Roger are reluctantly forced to team up to take on a conspiracy that threatens the very existence of Toontown.


As mentioned above Bob Hoskins played the role of the private investigator Eddie Valiant. Bob did a fantastic job portraying this American PI considering he’s a Brit with a thick cockney accent. It’s a fantastic piece of performing considering that he didn’t have a costar to bounce against (his costar was a cartoon character added in after). It’s brilliant, absolute genius in my opinion.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? isn’t the only thing I remember him from. Bob also was the face of BT’s “It’s good to talk campaign”. I would think that if you said this phrase (in a cockney accent) to a Brit of a certain age range then I’m almost certain they’d know what you’re talking about!

Another role that I remember fondly is his portrayal of Smee in Speilberg’s 1991 fantasy adventure Hook. He played Smee as a gruff but very likeable cockney. Between him and Dustin Hoffman they stole the show! Especially in Captain Hook’s suicidal scene. “I’ve just had an apostrophe!” was one of the best lines in the film!

Until someone had posted on twitter I had forgotten that Bob also portrayed Mario in the Super Mario Bros film. I haven’t seen that film in years! Hopefully it’ll be on telly again soon.

He was in a lot of other films which I am ashamed to say that I haven’t seen! I might make it my mission to watch them now. So whilst this may not be a fitting tribute to the “geezer” it is my tribute…. rest in peace good sir, you brought me so much joy as a child.


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