Michael Schumacher

Reports came through last night that Michael Schumacher was in hospital after a skiing accident and that his injuries were not life threatening. By today however his condition has deteriorated and his condition is now “critical” and that he is fighting for his life.

Poor Michael!! To imagine that he’s been doing one of the most dangerous sports (Formula 1) and for him to be injured doing something like this is amazing. I mean I ski for god’s sake! According to his doctor if he hadn’t been wearing a helmet then he wouldn’t have made it this far. Makes you wonder if helmets should be compulsory for all skiers (currently┬áI believe that only kids under 10 have to wear helmets on European slopes). I will definitely be considering a helmet next time I hit the slopes.

Anyway, I hope he recovers soon and my thoughts are with his family. Get well soon MSC!!!


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