It’s so handy that Mam brings me papers! There’s some interesting stuff in them on occasions!


I found these little snippets to be quite funny! Especially the ninja turtles story! Oh and sheep on the A55 – only in Wales!


This is awesome! I’m not into biking or bmx or anything but the fact that they’re holding these championships in my hometown is fantastic! I’m glad to see some development happening there – it’s been said that it’s an up and coming place which is good as it’s got a reputation of. Being a miserable and dead end place. These sort of events will help promote the town! When it’s sunny this summer I’m going to go up and take lots of photos of the redeveloped town for you.


Yeah clocks went forward last Sunday which I meant we lost an hour – boo! It also buggered up Little Miss’s routine! It’s weird putting her down when it’s so bright out!

And yay house prices are on the rise! Which means when my mortgage comes up for renewal ewe might be able to do a bit of an equity release to get some cash out. Could do with some cash at the moment!


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