Outdoor Activities in Snowdonia

The words "outdoor activities in Snowdonia" in big bold print over a photo of Llanberis lake on a sunny day

This year I am determined to make the most of my local area. Luckily for me, Snowdonia is fast becoming the outdoor adventure capital of the world! So this year I’m aiming to try a lot of the outdoor activities in Snowdonia.

1) Trampolines

Bounce Below - a blurry photo of the underground trampolines in Blaenau Ffestiniog

In my hometown, there are these fantastic underground trampolines. They’ve been installed in disused slate caverns – somewhere very close to my heart. I have many happy memories of those slate caverns and I am so pleased they are being put to good use. Despite the fact that the trampolines have been there for a good 3 years I’ve yet to try them out. The main reason for this is because I was waiting for my girls to turn 3 so I could take them with me. However they’ve now changed the trampolines and kids younger than 7 aren’t allowed on it. I’m NOT waiting another 4 years so I’ve decided I’m going to go on my own instead!

2) Zipwires

At the same place as the trampolines are the now world famous Zipworld zipwires. The ones in my hometown are the longest whilst the ones in Bethesda are the fastest. I’m tempted to give them a go but I am a bit scared of falling. So this one, I MAY do. Not guaranteed – yet.

3) Rollerblading

Closeup photo of a rollerblade and helmet being carried

One of my rollerblading videos popped up on my YouTube feed recently. I haven’t been rollerblading since last August! So 2018 is the year I’m getting my rollerblading groove back on!

4) Ropeworks

Another outdoor pursuits that’s local to me is the Ropeworks in Llanberis. It’s right by the slate museum and looks like so much fun!

5) Rock Climbing

Around the corner from me I also have Beacon Climbing Centre which is an indoor rock climbing center. It’s been there a few years now but I have never been. As a child I used to love climbing so I’m thinking I might enjoy this. And yes ok, this isn’t technically an outdoor activity but it’s still on my list!

6) Deep Mine Tour

Moody grey photo of The Deep Mine entrance at Llechwedd Slate Caverns, Blaenau Ffestiniog

This is a tour I’ve done a fair few times during my lifetime. But I’ve heard the tour has had a revamp and I want to go again. It’s in my hometown and it’s beautiful. The underground lake is amazing! It is so beautiful!

7) Snowdon

I would love to climb Snowdon but realistically I don’t see me being able to do that. So instead, my aim for 2018 is to reach the top by way of train! Really this is one of the ultimate outdoor activities in Snowdonia!

8) Fforest Coaster

Zipworld have opened up the forest rollercoaster at Betws Y Coed. It looks pretty epic! I will do it this year!

Which outdoor activities in Snowdonia catches your fancy?


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