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    HomeStyling – Home Office Space

    Home Office Space Ideas

    Our little house is a tip. I have paper and pens all over the place. So I have decided that I want a proper home office space in this house. At the moment I can’t quite decide on where. I need space to keep the computer, I need a desk to work from and I need space to keep all my stationery supplies.

    Home Office Space

    Now that I’ve identified what I need, I’m trying to decide where to convert into an office. We have a “spare” room downstairs but we’ve decided to keep that as maybe a playroom for the girls. Upstairs we have a spare bedroom and we have MissMostyn’s nursery. We’re thinking of swapping them around. But I feel bad because the spare bedroom is smaller than her room but it’s closer to ours and will be warmer in winter. Then her current room will be turned into a spare bedroom slash home office space.

    Beautiful Designs of Others

    So what better way to “plan” this change than by browsing Pinterest and Instagram and lusting after other people’s home office space! Assuming that we convert the nursery into the home office space then we will have eaves to contend with. So I’m loving all the space saving ideas that I’ve come across. This next pin is like a dream….

    I’m also browsing ideas for a “nook” office space in case we decide to convert the current spare bedroom into an office room. We have an inset or built in wardrobe in that room which could easily be converted into a nook. It would leave the rest of the room free for doing the ironing (husband NOT me!!).

    Argh I don’t know what to do! And using the husband doesn’t help much! Trouble is I need to try and get this done sooner rather than later so I can try to reign in the chaos. It’d be great to be able to do work from home but at the moment it just isn’t possible as I don’t have the dedicated space for it.

    So what do you suggest? Evict baby girl and convert current nursery into a home office space / spare bedroom? Or get rid of a spare bedroom and convert that into a home office space instead?


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    #LittleLoves – a little catch up


    I apologise for the radio silence for the last week or so. It’s been a week of illness – hubby has a chest infection, babies have eye infections and I have just got the start of a cold. So here’s a little catch up via #LittleLoves


    I’m currently reading “The Chocolate Lover’s Wedding”. Trying to read this since January and am still struggling! Mostly I’m reading children’s books… Disney princesses ones for my eldest and Sali Mali ones for the youngest.


    I’m loving the daily vlogs from DadVWorld at the moment. Trouble is, I can’t keep up with them! Go check out David & the family’s vlogs as they’re such good fun! I could never do daily vlogs… my life’s too boring!

    Finally caught up with Neighbours! If you’re watching it, what do you think of this whole Toadie-Dee-Willow saga? I HATE seeing Toadie so upset! Love my main man Toadie! My Nain seems to think that Toadie’s going to leave. I hope not. Love my Toadie!


    Can’t escape Ed Sheeran at the moment! I heard Galway Girl on the radio last week and I ended up buying his album. It is ace!


    I tend to wear the same thing. My absolute favourite piece of clothing is a black waterfall cardigan that my Mam gave me. Trouble is that there’s a tiny hole in the top of it but I can’t find a decent replacement. I bought one from George but it’s rather itchy.

    Oh but my new t-shirts from TeeTurtle have arrived! I keep seeing the adverts on Facebook and in the end I caved!

    And Lastly…

    I was on the radio (again) this morning. Spence and Rach were discussing Irish connections in honour of St Patrick’s Day and since I’m 1/8th Irish they gave me a ring.

    It’s been one of those weeks between everything and I’m so glad it’s the weekend!

    What have you been up to lately?

    Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

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    Rollerblading Goes Rollerblading

    Yes I did! I did it, I did go rollerblading! On March 10th I was off work and packed up my rollerblading gear and went to Llandudno. 

    Nervous much?

    I’ll be honest, I was nervous! Not put a pair of rollerblades on in 20 years or so. I parked at the lower, quieter, end of Llandudno promenade. Although as it turns out, not that quiet – lots of cars and a big number 12 double decker going by every 10mins!!

    Rollerblading Gear

    I put on my blades and safety gear which included:


    – knee pads

    – elbow pads

    – hand pads


    (above links may include affiliate links)

    Ok I wasn’t looking the most swish but hey what’s new?!

    So Much Fun

    Oh my word as soon as I set off I could feel it all coming back to me again! Like riding a bike, rollerblading is something you don’t forget!

    I spent around an hour blading up and down the prom – stopping every so often to get the feeling back in my feet. The vibrations from the rough Tarmac were making my feet numb!

    Where Next?!

    I can’t deny that Llandudno promenade has a view – you can pretend it’s Santa Monica pier and be very Californian! But wowzers that tarmac is rough! So I’m going to have to have a think about where to go next. 

    In the meantime take a peek at the little video I made…

    Any suggestions or tips and tricks for rollerblading in style?


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    Thomas and Friends – 5 Reasons I Dislike the New Version

    5 Reasons I Dislike Thomas and Friends

    Thomas and Friends – 5 Reasons I Dislike the New Version

    Let me just caveat that title. I don’t dislike Thomas and Friends. Far from it, I enjoy it. But that said, I do prefer the old school version better – my childhood was spent watching Thomas the Tank Engine so I’m having a difficult time adjusting to the new Thomas and Friends. So here are my 5 reasons I dislike the new Thomas and Friends.

    Theme Tune

    Thomas and Friends now has a snazzy theme tune that you can sing along to….

    …but can someone please give me back my whistles theme tune!


    Why oh why did they need to CGI the whole thing? There is nothing wrong with old school Thomas. The set and engines are superb but this CGI version is just a bit too modern for my liking

    New voices

    The engines are no longer Scouse! And I find that hard to bear! For those who don’t know, classic Thomas was voiced by Ringo Starr* and Michael Angelis – both of which are Liverpudlians with a good strong Scouse accent.

    (* he only voiced two series of Thomas but for me he was the voice of my childhood Thomas adventures.)

    Now these CGI engines all have different voices and I don’t like it one little bit! And don’t get me started on Edward….


    … hang on, I shall vent about my beloved Edward engine. My favourite engine and I don’t like his “new” voice. He may be the oldest engine on Sodor but for me he’s young at heart. But his new voice is old and posh and completely not what I expected. And for that reason I’m disappointed in this new incarnation of Edward.

    Also he’s such a fuddy duddy now. He was always a dependable and reliable engine but never a fuddy duddy.

    Oh Edward what have they done to you?!

    New Characters

    There are a ton of new characters which for me seems to be in order to sell more toys! But my main gripe is that they seem to have all these new characters and have shunned the older characters. Edward I mentioned above and Duck! I hardly ever see Duck these days. Oh I miss that Great Western Engine!

    How do you feel about the new Thomas and Friends? Or have you taken offence to any other childhood TV programme that they’ve re-done?


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    Visit Wales do come up with some amazing marketing campaigns. This year it’s #LiveTheLegends campaign. You may have seen the advert doing the rounds on Facebook featuring Luke Evans (or you may know him as Gaston now)…

    Here Be Dragons

    You may recall, last year a dragon was spotted at Harlech Castle. As part of #LiveTheLegends a new dragon has made an appearance at Caernarfon Castle…

    Her name is Dwynwen and she is beautiful! She’s a gentler giant in comparison to Dewi but I can certainly see why Dewi loves her! She’s a beautiful mix of blue and purple scales. I hope these two breed and we have little baby dragons flying around!

    It’s well worth a visit. Whilst you’re visiting her you might as well have a peek around the castle itself. Opening times and further information can be found on…

    Caernarfon Castle: Site / Facebook / Twitter
    Cadw: Site / Facebook / Twitter

    Or if you want to find out more about visiting Wales then have a look at the Visit Wales website. If you’ve never considered it then I would seriously add this place to your bucket list! You have to come see the castles, mountains and dragons!

    Visit Wales: Site / Facebook / Twitter

    Do you dare to meet the dragons?


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    Bucket List – March

    March Bucket List

    We’re into the third month of 2017 already – who can believe that? So it’s time to setup my bucket list for March! Now February’s list wasn’t completed so rather than review February and copy things over to March I’m going to simply roll February’s list on to March…

    February Completed Items

    – Buy a compost bin – ok, I ordered on the last day of Feb but still counts right?!
    – Research rollerblading
    – Go car shopping (again!) – this one was pretty easy. We’ve decided to keep the electric car for now as it’s too expensive to change it yet. I’ve yet to list about the car and really really need to get that post up!
    – Research cameras/phones – have decided to go for a Samsung next time as I need a better camera!
    – Put child locks on the drawers and cupboards – well I say it’s DONE but it isn’t. What we’ve found is that it wasn’t possible to put the locks we bought on the doors so I’ve given up on the idea.
    – Sort out my stationery and find storage for said stationery – I haven’t sorted through it in detail but I have at least bought the storage

    March Bucket List

    – Finish reading that book! (The Chocolate Lovers’ Wedding)
    – Take dogs for a walk at least twice a week
    – Start rollerblading
    – Sort out the cutlery drawer
    – Actually buy and put up a mirror above the fireplace
    – Clear out all the shoes and coats that have been dumped there
    – Sort out the rubbish on the DVD cabinets
    – Tidy up the cables around the computer
    – Sort out the girls’ old clothes since Miss Mostyn is officially outgrown the 12-18mths clothes
    – Sort out my clothes – I’m going to be ruthless and apply my friend’s method of sorting clothes. If not worn in the last two years then it’s being thrown out!
    – Continue rollerblading
    – Sort out the categories of this blog

    What have you got on your March bucket list?


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    WIN with Swizzels #LovelyMoments

    Swizzels #LovelyMoments

    Swizzels the creators of Love Hearts are on the search for the UK’s Loveliest Moments in their #LovelyMoments campaign! I am a big fan of Love Hearts* so it’s lovely to be involved in this campaign!

    * I’m not endorsing them as a medicinal product but they got me through my pregnancies!!

    All the #LovelyMoments in my life involve family. Here are some of my #LovelyMoments (and are in no particular order):

    Wedding Day

    Our wedding day was pretty special I must admit. One of the best days of my life for sure. Looking back it’s all a blur but the photographer managed to capture this candid photo of hubby and I. It is without a doubt one of the most natural photos of the day.

    There are a lot of lovely moments from our wedding including a photo of my Mam helping my Taid. I’d love to share that but unfortunately my Mam won’t let me share it!

    Baby Sisters

    The other #LovelyMoments that spring to mind is not the births (way too traumatic to be considered lovely!) but not, the moments they have now. The littlest copies what her elder sister does. I catch them sometimes having sneaky cuddles when they think I’m not watching. I’ve not been able to capture a photo of them but it is definitely one of my #LovelyMoments.

    #LovelyMoments Competition

    So the lovely people at Love Hearts are on the search for the UK’s Loveliest Moments and YOU can get involved!

    Enter by visiting or by sharing your entry online using the #LovelyMoments.

    By entering 5 lucky people are in with a chance of winning their Dream Day! So what are you waiting for? Go enter now! Go go go!!

    Tell me, what are your #LovelyMoments?

    (I have been compensated for this post but honestly, Love Hearts are the BEST sweets ever!)


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    Liked and Loved – February

    Liked and Loved

    I’m not sure where February disappeared to but here are some things I liked and loved during the month that was!


    My #incowrimo2017 spread is filling up nicely!! #incowrimo #bulletjournal #bujojunkies #penpals

    A post shared by Rebecca (@becsterdotcom) on

    I’m taking part in INCOWRIMO for the first time! I haven’t managed to get a letter done daily but I have managed to write over 20 letters/cards so far and the final batch is going out this week!

    Sisterly Love

    It was half term last week and I had three days off. It was a struggle watching after both girls because oh my god they’re naughty together! However, there was a few moments that were just lovely. For example, I dressed both in my t-shirts and Little Miss started posing. I then caught Miss Mostyn copying her and it was just so hilarious and lovely all at the same time. I caught some fantastic photos. Shame I can’t share them here.

    Slate Museum Visit

    On Friday it was just me and Little Miss so we took a trip to the Slate Museum as there was a model railway exhibition. Little Miss wasn’t interested in the model trains but we did enjoy going on the small train. I took her around the Fron Haul houses which was more for me than her. If she hadn’t have run off I would have loved to watch the video of the making of the houses. Pretty sure I would be in the background somewhere!

    Picnic Lunch

    Llanberis Lake

    Whilst at the Slate Museum we had a picnic by the lake. Just Little Miss and I. Talk about a lunch with a view! It was lovely!

    Work Meal at Dylan’s

    Not entirely sure why it was decided to go out but we went for a post self assessment meal to Dylan’s in Criccieth. I decided not to have a starter as there wasn’t anything too appealing so instead I went for the steak. I did ask work if I could have it since it was around £21 but as my boss pointed out, I don’t drink so the alcohol bill from me would be zero!! It was SO nice! It was a really fun night as well!

    Birthday Parties

    Attended a few kiddies birthday parties including one at Glasu in Pwllheli. It’s a lovely little ice cream parlour and I will certainly be going back.

    How was February for you?

    A Cornish Mum

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    Stationery Wishlist

    Stationery Wishlist

    This week’s Planner Girls Collective post was budget craft ideas but I’m changing it up to being my current stationery wishlist. I don’t have any budget craft ideas at the moment…. not unless colouring in kids colouring books count?! No instead, here’s my current stationery wishlist.

    Star Wars Notebooks

    Star Wars Princess Leia Notebook

    I’ll be honest and say I am not a huuuuge fan of Star Wars BUT I have to admit that the Princess Leia notebook looks ace! She has some sass! And I’m totally loving her kimono outfit.

    Star Wars Stationery Range

    It’s a new range of stationery coming out soon from Paladone. It features the above notebook, some other notebooks, awesome Star Wars sticky notes (I am SO getting a set to jazz up files at work!), and a cute little stationery set which I believe includes some washi tape. I may just have to buy a set for the washi!!

    Tombow Pastel Pens

    As you may know, I’m a member of the Boho Berry Tribe on Facebook. And I can tell you there is a fair amount of lusting after these Tombow pens! It’s all Kara’s fault because she uses them a lot in her bullet journal. Trouble is they’re expensive but they look good quality! I’ve managed to collect enough Swagbucks now to get an Amazon voucher so will go towards buying a set of these beauties.

    Moleskine Dotted Notebook

    I currently have an A6 dotted Moleskine notebook as my bullet journal. I love it!!! The only problem I have is that the A6 version is a tiniest bit small so I think next time I’d rather an A5 version.

    Planner Girls Collective

    Check out these lovely lasses….

    The Stationery Geekette / A Beautiful Plan  / UglyBugPlans / The Vintage Planner / Rebecca Project Life / zzz0eee / PlannerMontanah / An Ocean Glimmer / Kerry May Makes / A Life Lived in Words /A Ska Loving Geek / The Royal Planner Blog / Plan With Hannah / My Chaotically Eclectic Life

    What’s on your stationery wishlist?


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    How to Tell When Your Child is Ready to Learn To Drive

    Ho to tell when your child is ready to learn to drive

    I was recently thinking back to days of learning to drive. Most 17 year olds are eager to jump in the car and get started. Personally, I wasn’t that eager but from listening to some conversations of teens at the bus stop over the last few years, it would seem that they just can’t wait to get a car (ahem for reasons not necessarily linked to driving!!).

    How to Tell When Your Child is Ready to Learn to Drive

    Just because your teen expresses an interest in learning to drive doesn’t mean they are ready to do so. After all, didn’t that toddler at age two or three pretend to be driving while at play? So then, if being interested in learning to drive doesn’t mean your child is ready to learn, how can you tell they are? There should be a few tell-tale signs that indicate readiness, which you can easily learn to spot.

    Driving Lessons for Children

    Until your teen is 17, they won’t be getting a driving licence in the UK, but there are schools that teach driving to children as young as 8 years of age. Few countries around the world actually offer classes like these and so you should take advantage of them whenever possible. Why? These instructors will tell you when it comes near the time to take the actual revised driving theory exam whether or not your child is ready and responsible to be behind the wheel of a car. That is the key right then and there. If they cannot be trusted to be responsible enough to be a safe driver, they are not ready. Who would know better than a teacher who has been working with them all along?

    Father Knows Best

    There was an old American television show way back in the mid-1990s called Father Knows Best. In this show, the children were always getting themselves into situations that dad had to help them out of. Sometimes they didn’t listen and things got out of control quite quickly. This can be similar to seeing whether or not your child is ready to learn to drive. How often do they come to you for help figuring out real-life situations that a bit of thought would help them resolve? How often do they actually take time our of their schedule to practice their driving theory? If you feel your child doesn’t have the cognitive skills to be a safe driver and you have noticed that they are not doing as well as they should on the theory portion when studying, go with your instinct.

    I remember when my Dad taught me to drive… it didn’t go down well! I think we were too close and it ended up in blazing rows! NOT what you need behind the wheel. So in the end I opted for professional driving lessons. Should have done that from the start – would have saved a lot of tears!

    They Understand the Very Real Difference between Good and Safe

    Another misconception many young drivers have is to consider a good driver a safe driver. Just because you can navigate quickly around cones without skidding off the road doesn’t mean you will be a safe driver behind the wheel. A safe driver knows enough not to try navigating those cones in inclement weather, but a good driver may wish to show off his or her skills. Being good doesn’t give you the logical thought processes necessary to being safe. If you feel your child is a good driver but not yet a safe driver, he or she is definitely not ready to be licenced.

    Take the time to really know your child’s driving skills before letting them behind a wheel. While it may take some amount of time to help them understand the difference between good and safe, it is your role as a parent to ensure their safety and the safety of others around them. When they are a safe driver, they are ready to take their driving test.

    Teaching My Girls to Be Safe Drivers

    I know my girls are only 3 and 1.5 but it’s not too early to teach them road safety. My eldest has recently got a scooter which she loves but she fails to review her hazards and so goes careering into people’s legs. She most definitely is not a safe driver at the moment! When the day comes that they start to drive, I will be making sure that they seek professional help! I will not be putting them (or me) through the self learning experience that I had because I don’t want the heartache!

    Have you got children of driving age? How were they taught? How did you assess when they were ready to learn to drive?

    (This is a collaborative post)


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