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    Funko Pop Wishlist

    Funko Pop Wishlist

    I curse whoever introduced me to Funko Pop bobbleheads! They are the easiest way for me to drain my purse. If you don’t know what they are, then let me give you a brief introduction.

    Funko Pop!

    Funko is an American company that make licensed pop culture figurines. They produce every sort of  popular franchise imaginable. They produce plush toys, bobbleheads, figurines… everything! My personal favourites are the bobbleheads.

    (The following links are Amazon affiliate links only because it’s the easiest way for me to show you which ones I’m lusting after!)

    Current Collection

    We have amassed a few Funko Pops over the last couple of years. Our collection is not extensive but it includes mostly Star Wars, Guardians and Disney Pops. My favourites are any of the Guardians. Although I do love my Judy Hopps one too. Oh and one of our best finds is Ruby Rhod from The Fifth Element.

    My Ultimate Wishlist

    I have a very large Wishlist at the moment as I love all the Guardians stuff and of course as there is now a new film, there are new Funko Pop figures! I also love most of the Disney stuff.

    My absolute favourite items are the Disney Robin Hood series, – Robin Hood, Sir Hiss and Prince John. But yikes they’re expensive!

    I already own the Judy Hopps Pop but I really want Nick Wilde as well! I may have mentioned before I love the Disney foxes hence my love for Robin Hood and Nick Wilde.

    Also on my wishlist is the Roger Rabbit Funko Pop figures! It was one of my favourite films growing up! Even in Funko Pop form Judge Doom is creepy!

    Whilst browsing we stumbled over an Ace Ventura Pop which was being sold on eBay for over £100!

    Are you a fan of Funko Pop bobbleheads? Which one are you after?

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    Creative Journaling – Planner Girls Collective

    Creative Journaling

    As you may know, I am a bullet journalist. In my previous update I showed you some of my bullet journal creations. I don’t do”creative journaling” as such so instead I’m going to share my version of “creative journaling” for 2017.


    January Bullet Journal

    The above photo is my January Memories page (“atgofion” being memories in Welsh). As you can see I add doodles as well as photos into the memories page. January saw me survive tax season, eldest had her 3rd birthday and a party at the Seaquarium, we saw The Tenderloins again and I celebrated my 33rd birthday.


    February Bullet Journal

    The above photo is one of my daily spreads. I don’t use a page per day so I try to use a two page spread for four days. I vary the look of the spread every so often. See March below for a different style but ultimately same layout.


    March Bullet Journal

    In March I was a bit more creative. The dragons were back in Caernarfon and it inspired a few dragon related spreads. My mood tracker was setup but I didn’t complete it. I think the mood tracker got a bit confusing for me as I can’t mark a day to a single mood.


    April Bullet Journal

    In April I started being a little more creative. I started doodling and adding more colours in and trying to experiment with different layouts. I’ve been doing some lettering. The “life in colour” was my first stab at lettering in the bullet journal. Turned out pretty well I think!


    May Bullet Journal

    In May I stepped up the creativeness a bit whilst just sticking to weekly layouts. May is my Guardians of the Galaxy month! I loved doodling the characters – I’m especially pleased with my Yondu spread. I still have a StarLord and Drax spread to do so give me a follow over on Instagram as no doubt I will be posting the spreads over there.

    Planner Girls Collective

    Please take a peek at other ladies in the Planner Girls Collective…

    Kerry May Makes / The Stationery Geekette / Ugly Bug Plans

    Do you do creative journaling?


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    I’m Going To Blog On

    I'm Going To Blog On

    It’s a little over a week until the first Blog On of the year! I did the Blog On Icebreaker post last year but here is this year’s version for all the new people who’re going!

    Share a recent picture of you

    A post shared by Rebecca (@becsterdotcom) on

    This photo is the most recent photo I have of me. It’s of the hubby and I on our most recent trip to the cinema (via McDonalds of course!)

    Describe yourself in three words

    Geek, stationery-addict, Mami

    How long have you been blogging and what made you start?

    Oh around 15 years or so. was first registered January 2003 but I was blogging on someone else’s server before that so it sounds about right. I started back in 2003 when the whole online trading card games kicked off. Ahh I miss those days!

    What was the inspiration behind your blog name?

    Back in 2003 an online friend referred to me as “Becster” and I just ran with it. 15 years on it’s still going strong!

    What is the best thing to come from your blog so far?

    The amazing friends I’ve made! Seriously who’d have thought that my little part of the web would’ve lead to getting to know some awesome people from all around the world!

    Your most remembered thing from your childhood

    Taid - my superman

    Taid. Growing up Taid, was my main man! So many happy memories with him (and the dog!)

    Something interesting you might not know about me is . . .

    My first language is Welsh. I speak it everyday – with the girls, with family and at work. Both husband and I talk Welsh but we speak English to each other. It’s a weird thing… I tend to stick to the language I first speak to people even if that’s not their/my first language. It’s a habit I can’t break!

    Which social media platform best describes your personality and why?

    Twitter! It’s open and honest and there’s no filter!!

    What is your happy song?

    Guardians Inferno

    Currently it’s the Guardians Inferno from the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie. This song is currently on repeat on my phone. It’s a shame it’s not a longer song though!

    What is your favourite alcoholic drink

    Ych! None!! I don’t drink alcohol at all.

    What is your favourite cake?

    Is ice bun a cake? I’m really into the ice buns at the moment!

    What is your favourite takeaway dish?

    Chinese is my takeaway of choice – chicken fried rice, curry sauce, chop suey roll and chips! Mmmmm

    Where is your dream holiday destination and why?

    Oh Australia is top of the list for me!

    What would your superhero name be?

    I just did one of the superhero name generator and apparently I would be Mrs Sunshine!

    If you had a magical power, would you want to have and why?

    Teleportation. I’m sick of travelling backwards and forwards to work! Being able to teleport would be awesome!

    What one weapon would help you survive a zombie apocalypse?

    A solar powered chainsaw… apparently there would be no electric and I need something to sever heads.

    If you could send something into space, what would it be?

    Peppa Pig – she can piss off into the vacuum that is space.

    What would you have on your gravestone?

    “Llonydd o’r diwedd” – peace at last.

    You make headline news around the world in 2 years time… but for what reason?

    “Blogger finally bursts after eating too much Morrisons veggie sushi”

    If an EMP wiped out all mechanical forms of transport, how would you get to BlogOn?

    My teleportation super power of course! Failing that then I best start walking… NOW!

    Right then that’s me… I’m going to Blog On, are you?


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    May Bucket List

    May Bucket List

    I’m a bit late to the party this month seeing as we’re already mid way into May but it’s time for another monthly bucket list! Before I get into May Bucket List, let’s take a look at what I did for April.

    April Completed Items

    – Clear out all the shoes and coats from the red room
    – Sort out my clothes – I’m going to be ruthless and apply my friend’s method of sorting clothes. If not worn in the last two years then it’s being thrown out!
    – Get back into a blogging schedule
    – Start tidying the garden ready for Summer!

    By start tidying the garden what I actually mean is that someone has cut the grass. We still have the veggie patch to sort out.

    May Bucket List

    – Take dogs for a walk at once a week
    – Sort out the cutlery drawer
    – Sort out the rubbish on the DVD cabinets
    – Tidy up the cables around the computer
    – Sort out the veggie patch
    – Catch up with the mountain of penpal letters! (Sorry I’m such a rubbish penpal!)
    – Carry on with posting at least 3 blog posts per week!
    – Finish categorising all the uncategorised blog posts (394 left to do!)
    – Find someone to work on our eaves storage solution
    – Get tickets for the new The Tenderloins tour!!  *

    The main priority for me is trying to take the dogs for a walk. Poor little things haven’t seen anywhere but the garden for the last couple of months. I really have no excuse now since it’s lighter in the evening. The days are extending and I should be able to manage it!

    (* by the time this post went live I had already managed this! Birmingham here we come!!)

    What have you got on your May Bucket List


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    Liked and Loved – April 2017

    Liked and Loved April 2017

    Another month has gone so it’s time to look at what fab things happened during April. So here’s my Liked and Loved April 2017 edition!

    Howdy Partner!

    April 1st was my first official day as Partner in the accountancy firm where I work. It’s been a long six months of keeping quiet but finally I can talk about it! Everyone in the office knows now and I think it might have been a shock! But everyone seems to be happy and everyone has congratulated me. I must admit these flowers my Mam sent me made me cry!

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2!

    I’m actually super pleased with my doodle of Baby Groot #bulletjournal #babygroot #doodle

    A post shared by Rebecca (@becsterdotcom) on

    There was one film I in 2017 that I was looking forward to more than anything and that was the sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy. It did not disappoint!! Best film of the year for sure! Baby Groot is so cute and kickass! The soundtrack is awesome as well! I would suggest that you don’t listen to the soundtrack until you’ve seen the film but I can guarantee that you will LOVE the “Guardians Inferno” track.


    April 1st was also the day of a blogger event – LIVBloggersIgnite – in Liverpool. It was a fun day out and nice to meet a few friendly faces again.

    Donington Historic Festival

    Donington Historic Festival 2017

    Anca kindly invited me to Donington Historic Festival on April 30th. It was such a fun day out! Lots of fast cars racing, lots of noise from engnines and some awesome stunts! It’s got me interested in the Formula 1 again and I am itching to get to a race!

    Meeting an Old Friend

    An old friend of mine from London came up to Snowdonia and we met up for a nice lunch. He’s someone I met through blogging waaaay back in the day! I honestly can’t remember when we last saw each other but it was years ago in London. If I remember correctly he was dressed as Dracula as they were celebrating Halloween in the Lush store he worked at!

    Nottingham Weekend

    Lovely hotel we stayed at last night. #eastwoodhall #sunnyday #nottingham

    A post shared by Rebecca (@becsterdotcom) on

    Hubby had a Warhammer tournament the second weekend in April. As it happened it was the 8th anniversary of our first date that weekend so the girls stayed with Nain & Taid and I went with him to Nottingham. Whilst he was at the tournament I went rollerblading and I got a lot of blogging done. We also went to the cinema and saw “Going In Style”. Good film!

    Blogging Compliments

    Who doesn’t love hearing good things about your blog right? I posted about a new shop in Pwllheli (Rigio) which happens to be owned by one of the other partners at work. So I openly admitted to him that I have a blog and he read through two months worth of posts and said it was great! Happy days!

    Family Days Out

    Picnic at Beaumaris Castle

    There’s always family days out in every month but in April we took a trip to Beaumaris Castle and an Easter egg hunt at Llanberis Lake Railway.

    Sorry for such a long post but there were a lot of good things in April! Let’s hope May is just as good!

    How was your April?


    A Cornish Mum

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    Llanberis Lake Railway

    Llanberis Lake Railway

    On Easter Monday we took the girls on an Easter egg hunt at Llanberis Lake Railway. After the epic fail that was trying to park at the council carpark, ended up parking at Snowdonia Mountain Railway carpark (where we could pay by phone!). A quick walk down to the Llanberis Station and we paid for a family ticket for the Llanberis Lake Railway.

    (* the machine not accepting the new £1 coin and having £3 of the buggers to try and pay for £4 parking! See my YouTube rant!)

    Llanberis Lake Railway

    Llanberis Lake Railway

    The Llanberis Lake Railway is a narrow gauge railway which takes you from Llanberis through to Penllyn via Gilfach Ddu (home of the Slate Museum). It’s a 5 mile stretch which takes you alongside Padarn Lake. It’s a lovely trip!

    Easter Egg Hunt

    Llanberis Lake Railway

    For the Easter egg hunt we had to look out for 13 Easter eggs which had 3 letters on. We were to note down the letters and it would spell a phrase. Once that was worked out we had to hand the completed sheet back at the station in exchange for an Easter egg.

    The map that came with the instructions detailed where each egg was to be found. What it meant is that we frantically looked at each “cross point” for an egg and scribbled down random letters. After finding all the eggs the letters had to be rearranged to say a phrase. It was pretty easy really – easy chocolate always a good plan!

    Lunch at Gilfach Ddu

    Llanberis Lake Railway

    After going to the end of the line and back to Gilfach Ddu (the station at the Slate Museum) where we had lunch. We decided to walk back into the village from there. It’s a lovely walk and it takes you passed the Slate Museum. We didn’t go in but I did look through the gates at From Haul. Always feels like home to me. Also on the walk back to the car there’s AMAZING views like the one above. It’s a dark photo as it was a very overcast day but what you’re looking at is Peris Lake, to the left is the power station (Electric Mountain) and straight ahead under the clouds is Snowdon.

    Llanberis Lake Railway: website / Facebook / Twitter

    Have you ever been on Llanberis Lake Railway? Are you fan of steam trains?

    DIY Daddy Blog

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    Donington Historic Festival 2017

    Donington Historic Festival 2017

    Regular readers will be well aware of my interest in Formula 1. I’m also partial to viewing fine looking cars and trucks (Llandudno Transport Festival being a firm favourite). So when Anca invited me to attend Donington Historic Festival with her and her husband well I couldn’t say no could I?!

    After arriving at the circuit and picking up our complimentary programmes we sat down at the grandstand to watch whichever race that was finishing up.

    Formula Junior Championship

    Donington Historic Festival 2017

    Next race up was the Formula Junior Championship. These are fine looking cars.

    It was quite a battle up front between the leaders car numbers 20, 5 (Robin Longdon) and 3 (Justin Fleming). I believe Fleming won but I can’t be sure!

    Donington Historic Festival 2017

    There was one car – car 31 driven by Hans Ciers – was being lapped by everyone! After reading the programme I noticed that the car had less cc than the rest of the pack.

    Another battle was happening midfield between cars 27 and 13. Each time they came past the grandstand they had swapped places. Still don’t know who won that little battle.

    Mini Museum

    Donington Historic Festival 2017

    In the Paddock Suite there were some cars on show including David Coulthard’s McLaren (from the days when McLaren stood a chance!). The main museum is at the entrance to Donington Park. I’ve not been but Anca has and tells me it’s well worth it.

    Paul Swift Stunt Show

    Donington Historic Festival 2017

    Down at Tarmac Lake there were stunt displays being performed by Paul Swift. I’ll be honest and say that it isn’t a name that I had heard until Sunday. He’s an auto testing driver and has won that series 7 times. On display today were the parallel parking manoeuvre and the j-turn – both of which some of the audience got to try out. They were pretty good actually!

    The man himself did some of the turns before giving us the Britalian Job demonstration which is their take on the infamous Mini scenes from The Italian Job film. Unfortunately there was no blowing of any bloody doors off!

    Historic Formula 2 

    Donington Historic Festival 2017

    We went back to the grandstand to watch the Historic Formula 2 cars. First thing that hit us was the noise. Oh my god the noise was AWESOME! The roars of the cars as they pass by was spectacular! The noise would vibrate through you and you could feel it in your chest. I’ll be honest it brought back all the memories of the F1 races and I realised that yes, I LOVE IT! I couldn’t tell you who won to be honest but I didn’t care…. just listening and watching the cars was good enough to me.

    Trade Stalls

    Donington Historic Festival 2017

    I had a bit of a mooch around the trade stalls as I was waiting for hubby to pick me up. There was one stand that was selling old F1 memorabilia. I was tempted by the Red Bull helmet visor that they had. They couldn’t confirm whose it was but they said it was from 2003 so would’ve been either Mark Webber’s or David Coulthard’s visor.

    All in all, Donington Historic Festival was a wonderful day out! I would definitely go again if I can. For more details then visit their website….

    Donington Historic Festival: website / Facebook / Twitter 

    Have you ever been to Donington Historic Festival? Or to any historic car races?



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    Christian Aid Big Brekkie

    Christian Aid Big Brekkie

    Hubby’s parents are actively involved in “Capel” matters. In the past, they’ve been involved in Christian Aid Week and in fact hubby and I “manned the door” at a coffee morning a couple of years back. It was enjoyable enough meeting all the locals and eating cake. Also good to raise money for charity.

    Christian Aid

    For more than 70 years, Christian Aid has fought poverty, strengthened the poor, and turned hope into action.

    Christian Aid is a charity that fundraise to help people in poverty all around the world. They are committed to helping refugees which is something I hoped to do this year*.

    (* I have so much clothes I need to get rid of that I’m determined to give them to a charity who can send them to refugees.)

    Christian Aid Big Brekkie

    May 14th to 20th is Christian Aid Week and it’s the 60th anniversary of Christian Aid week! This year’s campaign is the “Christian Aid Big Brekkie“. As you can see from the video that follows, the idea is similar to a coffee morning but rather than bring cake you bring eggs and bacon!

    Mmmm breakfast! Is there anything better than a cooked breakfast? Fried egg, bacon, mushrooms, “bara saim”, hash browns, beans and scrambled egg…. yum! What is better than a cooked breakfast is having a great excuse to eat one and doing good at the same time.

    Christian Aid Big Brekkie

    (This breakfast wasn’t made by me – it was the breakfast we had in Beefeater in Nottingham a couple of weeks ago)

    Personally I’m not much of a cook so I probably wouldn’t be the host with the most. But it’s still an interesting idea. If you think it’s a great idea then why not sign up to host a Christian Aid Big Brekkie? For more information take a look at their website.

    Christian Aid: website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube

    Are you up for a Big Brekkie?

    (this is a collaborative/sponsored post)


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    Write A Letter Day

    Well it’s the end of National Stationery Week 2017! I didn’t get involved half as much as I had hoped as it was incredibly busy at work. 

    Write A Letter Day

    Today is Write A Letter Day so I think it’d be a good chance for me to give you an update on my “penpal” status. 

    Back In The Olden Days…

    A while ago I shared a post about how back in my teens I was massively into Letter writing. At one point I believe I had around 30 penpals. Most I “met” via Boyzone Fanzine or those little friendship chain books. I’m still in touch with a couple on Facebook. 

    More Recent

    More recently I’ve gotten back into letter writing or penpalling. However due to it being so busy I’m sooo behind on letters. Pretty sure I’ve not written to a few for months! 


    So I need help! Has anyone got any tips of to keep a track of my penpals? I need some sort of tracker of who’s sent a letter and who’s had a reply etc. I did try to set one up in my bullet Journal but that isn’t working. 


    Another question – how do you keep letters you’ve received? Currently mine are all put in a box but in no sort of order – which is why I’ve lost track of who needs a reply!

    Can you help me please?! Any tips are much appreciated!


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    3 Reasons Every Mami Needs A She Cave

    It’s the era of equality and therefore it’s only fair that women have their very own she cave. Gone are the days where women sought refuge in the kitchen*. In today’s society women retreat into their very own she cave.

    (* Did women ever seek refuge in a kitchen?!)

    She cave? What?

    OK so you’ve heard the phrase “man cave” right? Well this is simply the female equivalent! Makes sense right? Or alternatively it’s the new hip word for a garden room! I mentioned the term to my husband and his response was “is nothing sacred anymore!?” Haha no love, nothing’s sacred anymore. But at least I’m not proposing to move in and take over his man cave am I?!

    So let me give you my 3 reasons why every mami needs a she cave.

    1) Refuge from kids

    She cave - refuge

    Image courtesy of stockimages at

    Top of the list has to be ESCAPE! After a day with kids constantly demanding – Mami, Mami, Mami, MAMI!!!! Escape into your own little she cave is bliss! In my mind it would be light and airy with a range of pastel colours. Lots of comfy coushins and twinkly lights. And no kids toys! Sorry little people, you have your own playroom – my she cave is for Mami only!

    2) TV Without Interruption 

    She cave remote

    Image courtesy of Ambro at

    Somewhere to watch your telly in peace. I don’t know about you but my idea of relaxing is sitting down in front of the telly and catch up with all my favourite shows. My current favourite shows are Alaskan Bush People and I’ve just been told that Nashville series 5 is back on!

    3) Stash Your Secret Sins

    She cave chocolate box

    Image courtesy of Simon Howden at

    Somewhere to stash your secret sins be that prosecco or chocolate – there’s something getting us through those sorts of days isn’t there?! For me it’s chocolate… Dairy Milk Caramel is my sin of choice. That and ice buns (with sprinkles) from Gwalia Cafe, Pwllheli! Mmm yes please!

    Where Can I Get One?

    Ok I’m convinced so where can I get a she cave from? I hear you ask! Well there are some lovely she caves from Crystal Living. They’ve been in business for over 25 years and are based in Poynton. They serve homes accross Cheshire as well as Manchester and Stockport.

    Do you have your very own she cave? Are you tempted?

    (this post contains sponsored links)


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