I’ve been reading through last week’s papers and today I bring you some articles regarding travel!


I loved this article about the writer’s experience of her first family skiing holiday – something that I intend to experience one day. I’ve been skiing before but hubby hasn’t! So I’ll be dragging Little Miss and hubby with me! The writer also writes about how she’s nearly converted to being a ski lover rather than a beach lover!

(Kelly I was thinking of you when taking a snapshot of this and I promise you it’s the only snow themed holiday in this post!)

Last Minute Deals

Sometimes you do need to take a look at the smaller snippets that they have in the travel section as they have some fab last minute deals! This one is a good deal I thought! Shame that I can’t do last minute deals at the moment what with Little Miss! Any holiday that includes her needs careful planning now! Oh and I don’t have any money!!


Fantastic Offers

Then occasionally there are just some great offers! These two for example really makes you wonder how a staycation can ever compete with holidaying abroad! I mean a weekend at Silverstone for the F1 costs more than a week in Majorca! (I have an expensive hobby!)



I found this article to be interesting! It brings me back to my recent post about penpals where I said that there’s nothing nicer than receiving letters in the post! This article discusses the beauty of sending postcards and why they are so much nicer than simply posting on social media. I must admit that I still send postcards! When I go on holiday I normally send seven postcards – Mam, Dad, Nain, Work and 3 friends. I used to send eight as I’d always send Taid one. Even when I went on honeymoon and he was in the care home he still got one from me! I wish I would have kept that postcard.>


How about you guys? What’s your next holiday destination? Do you send postcards?


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  1. 13th Apr 2014 / 2:58 pm

    My next holiday destination is Toronto 😀 Visiting friends and also doing some solo travel, which I’ve never done before, so I’m really excited!

    • Becster
      17th Apr 2014 / 10:21 pm

      That’s great! I’ve never been to Toronto and don’t actually know that much about the place. I must admit I’m too much of a wimp to travel solo! Hope you enjoy!

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