Pinch Punch, First of the Month

Oh my word who can believe it’s already April?! I’m pretty sure I’ve fallen asleep and missed out on a month somewhere! (I know that impossible considering the sleep deprivation thanks to Little Miss!)

The last couple of days have been beautiful weather-wise! It’s been so sunny and warm – like a proper days of summer. Whilst I am no sun worshiper even I must admit that everything seems brighter when the sun shines.

On Monday Little Miss and I travelled 45miles (taking 1.5hours) to go see Nain (my mam) at work. As it happens my best friend also lives in the town and so I met up with her for lunch. So Little Miss got to meet some of mam’s friends and all her work colleagues. She was all smiles for everyone! Everyone loved her! Saying that she is so beautiful! And she is! She is such a cutie pie! There’s a saying in Welsh – “gwyn gwel y fran ei chyw” – which basically is a way to say that I’m biased! That I may be but everyone else can’t be!

Today my mother in law came over and we took Little Miss and doggies for a walk. Gemma was so well behaved on the walk it was amazing! She’s a proper pulley-pants normally! We didn’t go anywhere exciting so no photographs today!

And then in the evening Little Miss had a bath and she laughed for the first time! And both hubby and myself were there to witness it!

So that’s my week so far! Still can’t believed it’s April already!.


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