Please Tell Me It Gets Easier

Please Tell Me it Gets Easier

Please tell me it gets easier! I don’t care if you have to lie, just reassure me and please tell me it gets easier! PLEASE!

As I lie here under the toddlers bed waiting for her to sleep I thought to myself – what the hell am I doing?

I can hear the littlest whinge whilst Dadi tries to put her to bed – it was my turn this evening but we swapped halfway.

Don’t get me wrong, I love them to bits but fucking hell it’s been a difficult couple of days.

Little Miss

Little Miss is becoming a right madam! She is now in the “Dim licio” (no likey) phase. You ask her what she wants to eat and she’ll say something like Weetabix. By the time I’ve poured out the Weetabix and milk she has changed her mind and decreed “DIM LICIO” to me.

But this annoyance pales into comparison of the littlest…

Miss Mostyn

I think Miss Mostyn is teething again so she’s been clingy and it’s driving me insane! She’s such a lovely thing but she is constantly wanting me. I can’t even go to the shower without her banging at the bathroom door – Dadi was with her but nope he wasn’t good enough!

I went to see my Nain last Saturday because it was her birthday. To explain, Nain has a long room living room/ dining room and the sofa is the divider. All I did was get up off the sofa and walk to the dining table and MELTDOWN! I didn’t even leave her line of sight!

In fact she was so clingy and miserable that it got me all worked up because she wouldn’t settle. So rather than having a cheery happy birthday meal with Nain I just had to leave! And Nain is a worrier so naturally she worried herself silly thinking Miss Mostyn doesn’t like her!

Another reason I think she’s teething is the biting! Oh my god she’s vicious!! She comes up to me on the pretence that she wants a cuddle and sneakily takes a chunk out of my shoulder! And she bit Little Miss last week!!

All in all it’s been a shitty week with them! But, they’re my gorgeous baby girls and I love them so much! I just want to squish them!

But I don’t care if you have to lie to me….

please tell me it gets easier!


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  1. RachelSwirl
    2nd October 2016 / 11:30 pm

    It does get easier, as many say it’s just a phase!

  2. DadvWorld
    8th October 2016 / 5:10 pm

    It gets easier and I don’t even have to lie. Well maybe not easier but the challenges change giving the illusion that things are easier. OK there’s no illusion, things do change but they’re just as hard! Haha, less physically stressful though, I think, maybe…. Hope I’ve helped 😀

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