Random Thoughts Of The Day

1) Lavender

It may be my age but I’ve recently developed a liking to the smell of lavender. I always thought it to be “old lady” smell but it’s actually quite nice.

2) “You were only killing time and it’ll kill you right back”

Was recently listening to Meatloaf’s “Out Of The Frying Pan” and heard this line. I’ve always loved it! It is so true yet somehow I cannot live by it! I seem to waste a lot of time… and I don’t even know how or why!

3) Snow

Seemed like everywhere in the country has had snow except for here! I love snow! And I really want Little Miss to experience it since she loved the fake stuff they had t the Coke Truck.

(This was never meant to be a “blog-worthy” post but I don’t care! These were just random stuff that popped into my head today)


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  1. 18th Jan 2015 / 10:04 am

    My colleague loves the smell of lavender. She says it relaxes her. I’m ok with it. I hang lavender sachets in my wardrobe against clothes moths.

    I love Meatloaf!

    We’ve had rain for 4 days and today it’s foggy.

    • Becster
      19th Jan 2015 / 8:46 pm

      It can be overpowering at times but it’s nice in moderation. I think I might try it in the wardrobe… our wardrobe can get quite musty at times! :/

      I love his Bat Out Of Hell 2 album! That “I Would Do Anything For Love” song is loooong!!

      We had some snow today! But I was at work and missed it all!

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