Rhos On Sea Pirate Weekend

Six different images from the pirate weekend

Oh wow it’s been almost two weeks since the Rhos On Sea Pirate Weekend! It was a nice little event that happened to pop up on my Facebook feed.. and as we didn’t have any plans for that weekend we stopped by to check it out.

Rhos On Sea Pirate Weekend

Rhos On Sea Pirate Weekend - the view of boats in the sand as the tide is out

Well firstly I got confused as I thought this was as well as the Conwy pirate weekend. But no it’s instead of the Conwy weekend. Not entirely sure why they’ve set sail to Rhos On Sea but it really doesn’t matter – it’s a pirate weekend on the North Wales coast! AND it was a sunny weekend so it was a beautiful setting.

Pirates Everywhere

The girls dressed in their pirate costumes

A lot of people were dressed up in pirate costumes – including the girls. I spent the Saturday running around shops loking for a costume for littlest as her sister had a pirate dress. I eventually found a boys costume in B&M Bargains… so she was dressed as a pirate with a sword and eye patch whilst eldest was a pirates wench! They were so cute bless them! Oh and please don’t ask me why I gave littlest a weapon! She was wielding that sword around but thankfully it was only foam!

Jack Sparrow & Commodore Norrington

me with Jack Sparrow and with Commodore Norrington

The organisers had various people dressed up as pirates and my absolute fave was of course Jack Sparrow. Whoever the actor was definitely got the Jack Sparrow mannerisms nailed! The Commodore was also very dashing.


A band playing on the stage at the Rhos On Sea Pirates Weekend

Dotted around Rhos On Sea were various stages which had different bands playing. We sat down on the deckchairs by the main stage at the promenade to have our picnic whilst a band played some jazz music. When the band wasn’t playing there was some pirate like music and songs playing over the loud speaker.

Cannon Fire

At various points during the day, organizers of the Rhos On Sea Pirate Weekend were firing cannons on the beach. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the cannon fire as we were sat on the other side of the promenade eating our picnic. But we heard it! Boy they were loud! I also got to see the live Facebook coverage later in the day.


Old maritime artefacts

In the Rhos On Sea park there was bouncy castles galore! The girls had fun on them but the big draw was the park itself. A little further on there were stalls with old maritime artefacts. They were fascinating!

All in all it was a good little day out. It’s a shame we couldn’t stay all day as there were lots of things I didn’t get to see. But I’m looking forward to catching the Rhos On Sea Pirate Weekend again next year. Oh and I made a little video….

Have you ever attended a Pirate Weekend?


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  1. 26th June 2018 / 9:16 pm

    This looks like a great day Bec! I bet Corben would have loved a pirate adventure day, especially with the actors!

    Great photos 🙂

    • Rebecca
      26th June 2018 / 9:26 pm

      It was a good day and yeah Corb would’ve loved it. Donetta said you had a friend who was there as well but it was too last minute to come down. There’s always next year!

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