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Couple of weeks ago Vicky from Being Tilly’s Mummy tagged me in the #RockingMotherhood tag and finally I’m getting a chance to post about it!

I’m #rockingmotherhood because

1) I’m bringing them up to be bi-lingual – they will be native Welsh speakers.

2) I allow Little Miss to wear her princess dress whenever she likes because life should always be a fairytale.

3) I read bedtime stories to my babies. I read the same Peppa book over and over to MissMostyn but that’s ok.

4) I watch hours (and hours) of Peppa Pig (despite the fact that I really want to turn her into bacon sandwiches) because the girls love it.

5) I won’t go to bed without looking in on them. I stand there for a moment and think how beautiful they are.

6) I love all the cuddles – “cuddles dynn dynn”!

7) I work full time so I can give them all they ever want or need.

8) I’m educating my girls in the ways of classic Thomas The Tank Engine…. thank you You Tube!

9) I lie on the floor with my Little Miss when she’s going to bed. My hips might hurt like hell but it’s worth it for those sleepy cuddles.

10) I have managed to produce two beautiful happy healthy girls.

(Please don’t read this thinking that I’m taking credit for doing this all on my own because I’m not. I have a fantastic support network that’s helping me and so here’s a big THANK YOU to everyone who’s helping me #rockingmotherhood as I couldn’t do this without you.)

Are you #RockingMotherhood?


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  1. 6th Feb 2017 / 12:13 am

    I love a good tag post, you indeed do rock motherhood my dear.

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