Sali Mali, Y Pry Bach Tew a Siencyn

As a Mami I now read a lot of children’s books. Some of them are classics from my childhood including the books from the Sali Mali series. These books were ones I read as a child, and possibly my Mam read as a child. They are simple timeless Welsh classic designed to help children to start reading. I’ll take you through the ones I’m currently reading to my girls.

Sali Mali

Sali Mali & Jac Do

The story of Sali Mali is really quite simple. Sali Mali hears a “Cnoc cnoc cnoc” on the window in her house. She goes out to meet whatever it is that’s making the racket. It’s a Jac Do (a little crow). He’s cold and hungry so she brings him food and a bed. Very good example of being kind.

Pry Bach Tew

Y Pry Bach New

This is the story of y Pry Bach Tew (little fat fly) who holds a dinner party for his three friends Pry Hir, Pry Sidan and Siani Flewog. They have a great time partying before going for a spin in the car – I assume there was no alcoholic beverages consumed at that party.

Annwyd Y Pry Bach Tew

Annwyd Y Pry Bach New

Following on from his party shenanigans Pry Bach Tew develops a nasty cold and his friends order that he goes to bed with a lemon drink. They visit him three times a day to give him his lemon drink but by the time evening comes, he goes to hide in the garage. I really don’t blame him!



Siencyn buys himself a new pair of socks and when he’s out on his walk the wind blows him over and he ruins his lovely new socks. He then washes them and puts them on the line to dry out. The wind steals one of his socks and a little bunny manages to get himself tangled in it. For some reason I always thought Siencyn was a giant but turns out he isn’t! This was never one of my favourite books but Little Miss loves it!

What were your favourite books as a child? Or what are your favourite books to read to your kids?


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