School Kids

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that depending on which bus I catch, it can be full of school kids. To be fair to them they’re not always little shits. I’m fact some of them have the “aww factor”. The new school year has just started and for the past two weeks you’ve been able to tell which kids are in their first year of secondary school. They stand out a mile away with their eager faces and polished shoes! They are just about starting to blend in but even so on occasions there is still the one little one amongst them.

For example, this evening there was one kid who is clearly in his first year, got off the bus at the halfway village. He was so small that he didn’t even reach the bus’ window! This is what I mean about the “aww factor”! They’re so small that you can’t believe they’re in secondary school!

Of course I’m now viewing this from the parent-to-be perspective which is why maybe I’m a bit more gushy! Mine’s not even born yet and already I’m thinking about its first day of school. I know that the hubby can’t wait to take her to school. I hope that she will have the same good experience that we did. Although I don’t remember it, apparently I liked school so much that on coming home on the first day I was already wanting to go back after tea!


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