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Can’t believe it’s been over two weeks since I attended the Sci Fi Weekender at Hafan Y Mor, Pwllheli. I almost forgot that I had won the tickets until Anca reminded me! So on Saturday I met up with Anca and her husband to attend Sci Fi Weekender 2018!

SFW9 – Sci Fi Weekender 2018

Me meeting Deadpool at Sci Fi Weekender

I wasn’t sure what to expect to be honest. All I knew it was going to be all sci-fi stuff and cosplayers. Also I knew that they would be showing some sci fi films (well it was a Sci Fi Weekender after all), panels and talks and of course some famous guests. Whilst I am a bit of a sci fi fan, I can’t say I recognised many of the famous guests. The only one I did know was Hugo Myatt being the dungeon master from Knightmare. He was stood behind me whilst I was listening to one of the panels but I didn’t immediately recognise him so I missed getting a photo! But never mind, I got a photo with Deadpool instead.

Awesome Cosplayers

Sci Fi Weekender - two of the cosplayers, Warhammer inspired

So yes Deadpool was one of the random cosplayers I bumped into. There was so many people dressed up in amazing costumes! There were a few Doctors from Doctor Who there together with Daleks. The best cosplay I saw was the Warhammer Space Marines. I spotted those pretty instantly as that’s what the husband plays. We also saw someone dressed as the Predator, a family dressed as the Guardians of the Galaxy (missed that photo op!!) and The Joker.


Three daleks at the Sci Fi Weekender

Due to time constraints I couldn’t stay all day as I needed to get back to the girls. There were sci fi movies being shown including a premiere of a new film. I didn’t get to watch it as I wanted to go browsing the stalls instead.

I was told that in the evenings there was music and entertainment and some of the acts sounded awesome. The Jedi Fight Club was held by Ross Mullan (the White Walker in Games of Thrones). I watched it for a bit and it was such fun watching these kids (and adults) battle it out with lightsabres!


Sci Fi Weekender - Mark Cordory Creations

There were a number of stalls selling all sorts of merchandise. One of the first ones I came accross was Mark Cordory the creator behind the famous Knightmare dragon¬†Smirkenorff. Unfortunately¬†Smirkenorff wasn’t in attendance but the Scourge puppet was there!

Triple photo of light bottles, Star Trek necklace and Guardians of the Galazy Pop Vinyls on sale at Sci Fi Weekender

Other stalls included some amazing clothing and jewellery, all manner of Pop Vinyls! Oh I could’ve spent a small fortune on the Pops! I was also rather tempted with a Star Trek necklace. It’s such a shame the husband couldn’t make it because The Black Library was also there. I got talking to them and they informed me there’s over 50 books in the Horus Heresy series. Oh my god it’s going to cost me a fortune!


There was so much to do there and I’m a bit gutted I only had a couple of hours there. I’m hoping to go again next year. Next year will be their 10th year and so it’s going to be even bigger! I’m hoping they’ll have a few Star Trek celebs there. If that’s the case then I’ll be there! If however you can’t wait until next year, how about checking out SFW in the City at O2 Academy, Sheffield in October?


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  1. 26th Apr 2018 / 10:26 am

    Thank you for inviting us. It was great, loved seeing the photos again. xx

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