Scooter-ing With Kiddiwinks


So as you know, I have taken up rollerblading this year in the hope it will get me active. My girls have watched me go but I’m not ready for them to try rollerblading yet! They lack the co-ordination and I fear they would break their little legs!


Instead we’ve compromised and bought the eldest a scooter. It’s somewhat similar to the scooters found at Skate Hut but not quite as fancy! She LOVES it! She absolutely loves going scootering! I can’t wait to get my littlest a scooter but I think we have to wait a few months still. Although she does like trying out her sister’s scooter around the house.

Safety First

Scooter Safety

(This is Little Miss trying on all my safety gear – please ignore the mess in the background!)

Being a toddler she’s a bit of a handful so she needs her the safety equipment. She has a little flowery purple helmet. Unfortunately she’s not too keen on it but that is mostly to do with the fact that Dadi managed to pinch her little chin on the straps! Idiot! So she’s now a bit scared of putting the helmet on. However, we are telling her that it is a must if she’s going scootering. I also wear a helmet which I bought from Skate Hut and would recommend. They sell specialist gear for skaters and scooter-ers alike!

The good news is that she’s seen me wear the protective padding as well and really wants to wear some. She was fascinated with the wrist/hand pads that I had.

It’s so cute to watch her go… and her balance is actually pretty good for a 3 year old. Here’s a recent clip of her… the video should start at her going for it but if not, then skip forward to around 13 seconds in.

Scooter-ing Routes

Scootering on Lon Eifion

We’re lucky enough to live close to some cycle paths which means we can go scooter-ing in safety. Our most recent trek was along Lôn Las Menai (see the above video) which went well up until the point Little Miss decided she’d had enough of scooter-ing! I’m hoping to have a go along Lôn Las Ogwen soon.

Have you ever been scooter-ing?

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