How Do You Sell A Haunted House?

How Do You Sell A Haunted House?

As you know, we have a buy to let property. Tenants are in and more or less happy. I say more or less because they think the house is haunted. A haunted house really? They think there’s ghost in the house and that the ghost is being tricksy! (I think it’s Taid having a laugh!).

How Do You Sell A Haunted House?

It got me thinking though, how would you go about selling a haunted house? Who would buy a haunted house? Is it something that’s disclose when you use an online estate agent?

I can’t quite imagine a disclosure conversation going something along the lines of:

  • are there any known boundary issues?
  • are there any structural defects?
  • is there any Japanese knotweed on the property?
  • are there any ghosts in the house?

Say what?! But in all honesty, if I was buying a house I would want to know if it was haunted or not. In the case of our buy-to-let the haunting is mild – tickling of feet sort of stuff and the smell of tobacco (like I said, Taid having a laugh!). But what if the house was proper haunted like the case of that Scottish couple who can’t find a nanny?

Experiences of Haunted Houses

Ghost in a coffee mug

I’m a believer in the paranormal. I don’t see ghosts or anything but I’ve had experiences in the past of feeling something. Examples:

  • at a friends’ house in London, I was lying in bed and I had a sensation that something was strangling me. I had felt a banshee rush up the corridor and pinned me down. When I got up I thought it was a dream but after mentioning it, I learned that others had experienced the same.
  • another friend’s house was well known for ghosts – it was rumoured that an elderly couple had killed themselves in the house hundreds of years ago and that their spirits were still there to this day. I once walked through from the front room to the kitchen and could have sworn I walked straight through someone. I remember hairs standing on end and apparently I was white as a sheet!

So if I was buying a house I think I would like to know if it was haunted!

Would you buy a haunted house? Do you believe in ghosts?

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  1. 25th June 2017 / 6:09 am

    I don’t believe in ghosts, but if the house is really old, like at least 200-300 years, it must be haunted. In that case, I think it adds value. 🙂

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