Shit Mobile Phone Signal – An Open Letter to EE

An Open Letter to EE

Dear Kevin Bacon EE,

I am writing to you today to explain my frustrations with your shit mobile phone signal in North Wales.


Before I launch into a tirade of rants, I will admit, I thoroughly enjoy the Kevin Bacon adverts… I love seeing him back on the screen (especially in that astronaut costume!). However, I can’t help be rather pissed off when he tells me you have 4G! Oh my word 4G what a dream!


To be fair, you do provide 3G coverage and even can pick up 4G on occasions. However my gripe today is not with the data coverage but it’s in relation to the simple reason we all had mobile phones in the first place – a simple phonecall.


I am so fed up of your shit mobile phone signal. Completely fed up of not being able to pick up mobile phone reception – not data, just the ability to do a phonecall. As you can see from my map, coverage per your coverage map is good. If that is the case, why CAN’T I FUCKING PHONE?!

You see, I do a fair bit of commuting to and from work. I travel approx 40miles a day – I attach a handy map for reference.

EE coverage

EE Coverage Map which shows there’s coverage all over North Wales

Google Maps

My Map – blue being where I can normally get mobile phone signal and hold a conversation. The ORANGE bis is where it either drops out completely or is so patchy that it’s impossible to actually hold a conversation!*

* actually the signal has been even worse than this over the past three days. But usually this is as good as it gets.


I understand you have come under a lot of critiscsm lately and in all fairness, it was called for. I wish to thank the lady that chained herself to the Bangor store for bringing your shit mobile phone signal to your attention and I’m hoping now you will stop treating your North Wales customers as second class citizens. We pay the same amount for contracts as people in major cities yet we don’t get a decent service from you.

Oh and when I went to one of your stores to discuss my mobile phone was being blamed and that if I could travel by sea I should be able to pick up signal. I mean WTF?!

(As an update, see this Daily Post article about the response from Giff Gaff in relation to the padlocked woman!)

So tell me, what are you going to do EE?

And how about you my lovely readers, do you suffer with rubbish phone signal?


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  1. 19th Aug 2016 / 1:25 pm

    What I love the most is having no signal while when we are traveling. It’s such a “nice” feeling to be somewhere and have no idea where and how to get to where we want.
    Maybe it will get better in time, like a couple of years.

  2. 19th Aug 2016 / 3:35 pm

    We’ve been having similar issues around here. My signal at work is hovers between 0 bars and 1 bar and disappears on a whim. A colleague of mine phoned EE and was given a free signal booster, which is great while she’s at home… Her friend phoned and complained and she got a signal booster too. Not much use while out and about though!

    Saying that, there’s issues with all phone providers here in Mid Wales. The O2 signal is pretty much non-existant, and I moved from Vodafone years ago because their signal would drop for days at a time.

    Have you heard from EE?

  3. Rachel Swirl
    19th Aug 2016 / 5:16 pm

    try living in Cumbria, there is barely any phone signal anywhere!

  4. 19th Aug 2016 / 8:34 pm

    I used to be with EE, and found they were ok for signal! Given I live in Northern Ireland, so maybe its just different here. I hope you get it sorted soon lovely, nothing worse than crap signal!

    Bronagh xo

  5. 19th Aug 2016 / 10:01 pm

    I am familiar with this issue. I get the best mobile phone single in the middle of my garden – not a whole lot of use. And then people ask why I don’t anser my phone…

  6. 20th Aug 2016 / 1:18 am

    I had so much trouble with this when I was with them. I feel your pain, it was so frustrating – particularly if bored commuting and wanting to call people 🙁

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