Simple Tips to Boost Your Blog This Summer

Simple Tips to Boost Your Blog this Summer

Summer is already in full swing — and as a blogger, it can be an inspiring season. With lots of potential for creative content, there’s no reason why your blog shouldn’t get a big boost during the hottest season of the year. To make sure it happens, the following tips — from website hosting changes to seasonal posts — will be a huge help.

For avid bloggers and blog readers, summertime is a goldmine of how-to’s, travel guides and fashion posts. With so much potential throughout the season, it would be a shame not to make the most of it for your own blog. To give your blog a boost, it’s fairly straightforward and won’t require any in-depth marketing or technical knowledge.

So, let’s take a look at a few simple tips to give your blog a boost this summer.

Seasonal Content

If you want your blog to reach a wider audience and gain more of a following, you’ll not only have to write about topics that people will relate to, but are also relevant at the time. This is why seasonal content is a must for bloggers and summertime has more topics than you can shake a stick at. Going on a summer holiday? Great; write about it. Starting a new diet to get a beach body? Awesome; update your readers with posts about your progress.

Seasonal content is also a great way to expand into other niches with topics that you wouldn’t usually write about. Writing posts with a similar theme can cause a lack of inspiration but you’ll also run the risk of boring your loyal readership. The summer is an ideal time to experiment with a variety of content and maybe find a new niche you’re passionate about.

Improve Your Knowledge of SEO

There’s no doubt you will have heard of SEO (search engine optimisation) by now and are probably aware that it relates to your website’s ranking on search engines. But, what you may not know is that every blog post you write should be optimised for SEO. There are a few different ways to achieve this.

Utilising relevant keywords throughout your posts will give you a greater chance of your content being found on search engines. Relevant keywords are specific words and phrases that people will enter when they use search engines. Another SEO technique is the use of backlinks in posts. Linking to high-authority websites that relate to the current topic will tell search engines that your post is relevant and the source material is from reputable sites.

Is Your Web Hosting Service Letting You Down?

When you first created your blog, you will have purchased website hosting services. This grants you the web space and bandwidth to host a website and provide the world with your wonderful blog posts. To begin with, you will have been on a tight budget and naturally will have chosen the cheapest web hosting option you could find.

While this does save you some money, a bad web hosting service can be a hindrance to your site’s performance, along with its potential to maintain a large audience. For example, slow loading times will instantly put off visitors to your website, as well as make it a nightmare to navigate. A speedy website is the sign of a professional blogger and a more capable web host will give your site the boost it needs from this summer onwards.

A Mid-Year Rebrand

If your blog has had the same design for a long time and you’ve meant to switch things up, what better way to do so than a summer rebrand? Many different variables can be altered to create a unique blog and establish yourself as a brand. Everything from the colour pallet to the type of font you choose will affect the perception of your blog, so it’s vital to make sure the changes made are beneficial ones.

Turning a blog into a brand isn’t something that will happen overnight, but that’s the beauty of it in many ways. The branding process will improve your knowledge of blogs, websites and SEO, give you the opportunity to work with companies and other bloggers, and allow you to write some awesome content in the process.

Have you got any other tips you would add?

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