Sioe Môn 2017 (part 1)

Sioe Môn

On Tuesday and Wednesday I attended Sioe Môn – an annual agricultural show on Anglesey. It was the first time I had ever attended and was there with work. We had a stand there this year promoting our new Bangor office.

Work Promo at Sioe Môn

Sioe Môn

I think out stand looked pretty good considering the tight deadline we were working to. As you can see, we had an awesome flag! And stickers! The stickers (and biscuits) were a success with the kids. I even had a visit from my Little Miss who went away with a sticker on her balloon. I tried to get her to take a second sticker but she flatly refused saying she didn’t need more than one!!


The weather on Tuesday was great – as evidenced in the photos above. I forgot the suncream so was a bit burnt getting home on Tuesday evening. Wednesday however was awful! It was so windy that I got scared that our gazebo was going to be blown away! We survived until 2pm but decided to pack up before the rain came – rain promptly arrived at 3pm so it was a good call! Trouble was, I was stuck there until 6pm as I wasn’t allowed to take the car off the field until 6pm. So I got to see some of the other stuff on offer….


Sioe Môn

There were plenty of shopping to be done there. Anything you wanted you could get… tractors, ATVs, stationery, homeware, food, books etc. Above is just some of the selection of what was on offer. I really love the heart shaped plates but didn’t buy one.


Sioe Môn

There was an amazing choice of food. A lot of stalls selling produce such as meats, cheese, drinks etc. I did some cheese tasting and was very temped with some of the Snowdonia cheese on offer. However I didn’t buy any as we wouldn’t be able to eat it all.

Sioe Môn

I did gobble up some street food whilst there. The crepes were AMAZING! I do love crepes. The chicken noodles was also very tasty but just a tad too greasy for my liking.


Sioe Môn

Being an agricultural show, there was an abundance of machinery on show (and for sale). Directly opposite our stand was the Lucas Oil stand which had an amazing monster truck on display! I got to watch the truck move about on Wednesday afternoon as they were packing it up – that beast has some noise!

I’ll be posting more about the show in a few days as I can’t quite fit it all in one post!

Have you ever been to Sioe Môn (Anglesey Show)?


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