*** Spare Room Makeover ***

Spare Room Makeover
We are in the middle of the spare room makeover. The decision to turn it into a little play room for the girls/spare bedroom for when (if we ever!) have guests..


Red Room Makeover
Currently the room is being used as our dumping ground. It’s the first room you get to as you walk in and naturally, we just dump bags, coats and shoes in there.

Oh and also tucked away in the corner is our desktop computer which we hardly ever use. Everytime I do try to use it there’s inevitably yet another Windows update which means I have to wait hours for my computer to turn on. By which time I’ve found something else to do!

Also in there, is our DVD/Blu Ray collection…. tightly packed into 4 Billy bookcases. (Yes we have that many!).

Big Plans

Our big plans for the room include:

  • New sofa – or to be honest, a sofa bed!
  • Bookcases – clear down the rest of the rubbish and leave some books there
  • Computer – shift the computer out to our upstairs office room
  • Floor covering – unfortunately we can’t replace the carpet just yet so instead we will just buy a rug instead.
  • Pop Display Cabinet – as previously mentioned, we’re addicted to Pop Vinyls! I need somewhere to display our ever expanding collection.

I have visions of cosy cushions, nice rug (like this grey rug from Cox and Cox), toybox, craft area and television for them. Something like the following I found on Pinterest, but with red carpet/cream walls instead.


As mentioned, we are going to put a sofa bed in there so when we have guests who are going to stay, they can sleep on the bed. So I can’t make the room too cluttered otherwise how can we use the sofa bed? Argh I’m not good at decisions!

Have you got any tips on how I can create this cosy living space for my girls?

(This is a collaborative post and includes some Amazon affiliate links)


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