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I’m a member of a few swap and sell groups on Facebook. There’s always some lovely things on these groups. I’m always amazed at how cheap things are… a whole kitchen for £132!?! DEAL! Until you read the fine print and realise that you have to collect. Inevitably that beautiful kitchen is on the other side of the country. So what do you do? You either bribe a friend with a white van or find a courier. But, who has a friend with a white van* these days?

Deliveries and Pick Ups with Shiply

I was contacted by Shiply to take a look at the services they offered. I had never heard of them before. But having looked at their website the process seems simple:

1) List your job and request a quote
2) Review quotes and compare, select your courier
3) Arrange your delivery with selected courier
4) Delivery – or in the words of Postman Pat “mission accomplished”

You can post any sort of delivery job on there. Want your kitchen picked up from Glasgow? Yes! Want that BMW z4 you’ve been eyeying up in Peterborough collecting?* Can do! Need that horse from Pwllheli? Yup! Pretty much anything you want collecting or delivered can be arranged. You simply post your job on the site and couriers will start bidding for the job. You as the user then can choose to accept the bids or not.

* I almost bought myself an absolute stunning BMW Z4 years back but I couldn’t find a way to get to Peterborough to pick it up! If only Shiply was around back then!

Sounds simple right? I will be keeping it in mind when I eventually succumb to the temptations of buying a BMW Z4 on eBay! (Who am I kidding? I won’t get my Z4!)

Are you a Courier?

If you’re the owner of a van then you can sign up with Shiply as a courier. I imagine it’s something like that American Pickers programme that my Mam is so fond of! Actually, my Mam has a white van and I’m going to tell her to take a look at this website.

Have you ever used Shiply for your collections?

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