Stereotypical roles

This morning I found myself in a very stereotypical role – in the kitchen preparing food whilst hubby was out ‘foraging’ (gone to Tesco to pick up the shopping). I don’t often find myself doing the cooking as hubby is such a good cook but I actually felt quite happy doing it today. Especially after finding the nobbly carrot. We called him George!

The reason I was cooking was because we had friends coming over. I persuaded my friend (who is also pregnant!) to bring her family over for the day. So I had my friend, her fiancĂ©, her 6 year old, her 13month toddler and her manic dog all needing feeding! Thankfully the food went down well. The kids went to watch cartoons whilst I had a catchup with my friend. Whilst she was sharing parenting tips with me, her fiancĂ© was sharing tips with my hubby and helping him assemble the nursery furniture. Fair play they did quite well! Here’s the result:




It’s fair to say that everyone was tired afterwards. Especially these two!!


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