Still no baby!

Midwife came over yesterday to do a checkup. No change since last week! Baby definitely doesn’t want to come out! The midwife gave me a second sweep which should kick start labour – so far nothing has happened and something tells me that nothing will! I’ve now been booked in for an induction on Friday morning. If that’s the case then the baby will be born in hospital – as soon as they’ve started the induction process I’m going to have to stay in. I’m not keen on that idea – well to be honest, I don’t mind having to go in to hospital so long as my hubby can stay with me. I’m petrified of having to stay there on my own!

Anyway, my mam has been staying with us for a while. Yesterday we made cottage pie and the day before we made lasagne. We made enough so I have leftovers in the freezer. I was quite impressed! I even made homemade cheese sauce for the lasagne! 20140108-083646.jpg20140108-083653.jpg
So our freezer is now full of microwaveable meals which we can heat up quickly because once baby arrives we won’t have time to eat! This is of course assuming baby ever gets here! :/


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