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Stories of Hope

It is a sad world we live in. Whilst I am lucky to be living where I am, I cannot avoid how much conflict there is in the world. We’ve all heard of the plight of the refugees from war torn Syria and it saddens me. I’ll admit, that sometimes as I put my babies to bed and watch them sleeping peacefully that I cry at the thought that some people are living in desperate conditions. That’s why I’m so pleased to hear about Oxfam’s Stories of Hope campaign.

Stories of Hope eBook

We all love a “rags to riches” story. Hollywood is filled with these sorts of stories but Oxfam’s recent ebook called Stories of Hope focuses on the small success stories of people fighting poverty. One of my favourite stories in this ebook is Qassim and his barbershop.

Qassim’s Story


It’s a remarkable story of small business success. Qassim is a barber in Husseini village in Iraq. It’s amazing that despite the situation in his country he’s been able to use his skills and transform his passion into a future for himself.

In 2014 he was arrested and after returning to his village, he found that his shop had been trashed and his equipment stolen. Naturally he was devastated but he didn’t let the situation get the better of him. He rented a different property and with the help of Oxfam he has rebuilt his business and is back transforming his life for the better.

Donating to Oxfam

I love hearing that there’s good in the world! I love hearing that donations to Oxfam are actually reaching people in need. That it’s making a difference to someone’s life. If you wish to donate online to Oxfam then you can do so via their website. If you’re a UK taxpayer remember to Gift Aid it! (By doing so Oxfam will get an extra 25% on top of your donation by virtue of the Government’s Gift Aid scheme).

Do you do your bit for charity?

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