I hadn’t planned on another F1 Wednesday quite so soon but over the weekend the news came that sadly Jules Bianchi had passed away after his horrific crash in last years Japanese GP.

Jules Bianchi at Canadian GP 2013

He had the makings of a true champion and the only driver to score points for the Marussia (now Manor F1) team by finishing 10th at last year’s Monaco GP!

We met him briefly when we went to the Canadian GP in 2013. The above photo was taken as he was leaving the autograph area. I believe we for his signature as well!

He was a lovely young man – something that was apparent from watching any interview with him.

Rest In Peace Jules – know that you will never be forgotten.  #ripjules #forzajules


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F1 Wednesday

Today’s post is about McLaren F1 team……

So McLaren F1 team have been around since forever! They’ve won 8 World Championship and have had some legends drive for them including Emerson Fittipaldi, Niki Lauda, Alain Prost and of course Lewis Hamilton. Their current driver line up includes 2 ex World Champions – Jensen Button (2009 champ!) and Fernando Alonso (2006 + 2007 champ!).

Now imagine how disappointing it was last year to see them only have 2 podiums! In fact it was worse than that, they actually only had 1 podium when Magnussen finished 3rd in Australia. It was only after Ricciardo’s Red Bull was disqualified that Jenson Button had a 3rd place (so he wasn’t technically on the podium).

You’d think it couldn’t get worse right? WRONG! 2015 season has been dismal to say the least! So far there’s been 9 races (or 18 when you count two cars) of which they didn’t finish 13 races! And of the races they’ve finished they’ve only finished in the points twice – TWICE!! So 2015 is looking like their worst season ever.

The last Grand Prix was the British GP which was a fantastic race – for everyone else! On the first lap, the Lotus cars collided and Alonso had to brake to avoid crashing into them. Unfortunately by doing this he instead skidded and went straight into Jenson! So poor Jenson didn’t even finish his home GP! Whilst of course this things happen and the team cannot be blamed for racing incidents like Jensen said

Being this far back there is more chance of these things happening.

Which leads me to this statement McLaren should not be that far back and it is such a shame to see a legend of a team doing so crappy!! Sort it out McLaren… PLEASE I BEG YOU!!


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I haven’t done an F1 Wednesday for a while and whilst I have had this post up as a “page” under travelling for a while I’ve decided to share this as a main blog post instead.

After I came home from the Belgian Grand Prix, Red Bull posted a competition on their website to try and win tickets to the Red Bull Speed Jam in Cardiff on 3/9/2011. Hubby said that we’d never win and what was the point even trying! Well the point of trying dear husband was a) Mark Webber was attending, b) if you don’t try you won’t win and c) MARK WEBBER WAS THERE!!! Suffice to say, I won tickets! 🙂 View Post


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Mark Webber

This is my first post in my “F1 Wednesdays” series. And what better topic to start the series than my favourite driver of all time – Mark Webber! I love him! 😀

The first season of F1 that I really watched was 2009 and the title decider came down to the final race of the season – Brazil. Mark Webber won the race but Jenson Button came 5th (not even on the podium!) and was crowned world champion. Post race press coverage was all about Jenson and not much attention was given to poor Mark Webber. I really felt for him that day and decided I would support him from then on!

During his F1 days he drove for Red Bull (and Jaguar and Stewart Racing before that) and had a rocky relationship with Sebastien Vettel.

2010 Season

During 2010’s British Grand Prix, the new style nose on Vettel’s car broke during practice and the team decided to give Webber’s nose to Vettel. Webber was not amused as it showed favouritism towards Vettel. It was probably the best thing that happened as Webber went on to win the race and after winning came on to say “not bad for a number two driver eh?” which I loved!!

He also suffered a bad crash in the European Grand Prix. How on earth he managed to walk away unscathed still baffles me!

The 2010 season was his best chance at winning the championship. The final race saw five drivers in contention – Webber, Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton and Button. Unfortunately my man didn’t win but came 3rd!

2011 Season

The 2011 season saw Webber come 3rd in the championship again and the stand out moment came at the Chinese Grand Prix where he qualified in 18th and finished on the podium! Was a fantastic race!


Me at the Belgian Grand Prix 2011!

I got to see him race at the Belgian Grand Prix which is a classic track! Loved it! And a week after I got back from the Belgian Grand Prix I got to meet the man himself! I’ve already written about that in my travelling pages (see Red Bull Speed Jam). But I can’t resist a photo!! 😀


Another controversy occurred at the British Grand Prix where the team told him to “maintain the gap” to Vettel so as to ensure Vettel would score more points and lead the championship. Webber didn’t listen (much to the team principal’s frustration!) but couldn’t pass Vettel! 🙁 He finished in 3rd place in the championship.

2012 Season

Rumours were flying around that this would be Webber’s last season in F1 so I decided I wanted to go to Silverstone! I said I wanted to see him win at Silverstone before he retired…. and I did!! After the race he confirmed that he had signed for Red Bull for one more year – yay!!

He won the Monaco Grand Prix for the second time – so in my opinion he won the best two races of the season! The rest of the season was a write off really and he finished 6th in the championship.

2013 Season

This was Webber’s last season in F1. The unforgivable moment of this season was of course the “multi 21” saga. In the Malaysian Grand Prix, Webber was winning with Vettel behind him in second place. The team ordered Vettel to stay behind him and not try to overtake. Vettel didn’t listen and overtook Webber regardless. To say that Webber was pissed off is an understatement. The tension on the podium was palpable! This move did not endear Vettel to the fans…. he was booed in numerous grand prix since then – including me at the Canadian Grand Prix! Petty maybe but my loyalties lie with Webber!

The stand out moment for me was meeting Mark (again!) in Canada! It was awesome! I was wearing my “I love Mark Webber” hoodie and hubby said to Mark to have a look at what I was wearing. He said it was awesome (although I think he was a bit scared!) and his PR team thought it was fabulous and put it on Twitter and Facebook!!


Sadly Mark retired at the end of the season with Brazil being his last race in F1. He finished in 2nd place and so at least was on the podium even if it wasn’t on the top step. I will admit, I cried when I saw him on the podium for the last time!

He’s now moved on to do endurance racing (such as Le Mans) with Porsche. I’ll be following how he does and wish him all the best! He looks real nice in his Porsche outfit! 🙂


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