I’m now 34 weeks pregnant and therefore nearing the end. I’ve said I’m only have two kiddiwinks so this is me coming to the end of the whole pregnancy stage forever! With that in mind I’ve been looking back and thinking about things. Here’s ten thoughts about my pregnancy journey. Some things I’m going to miss, some things I sure as hell won’t miss!  View Post


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Since I’m currently suffering from a bit of writer’s block I thought I would participate  in Kiki’s The Circle link up – a reverse bucket list. As you know, a Bucket List is things you want to do before you die. Well the Reverse Bucket List is things you’ve already done! So here’s some of my weird and wonderful achievements to date (in no specific order!),

1) Met the man of my dreams and got married.

2) Have a beautiful baby girl who is growing up too fast!

3) Landed a pretty perfect job.

4) Got my qualifications through work (a CTA and an ACA)

5) Met Mark Webber (twice!)

6) Got to see Mark Webber win at Silverstone – 2012 I was there baby!!

7) Been to 3 Grand Prix races (Belgium 2011 / Silverstone 2012 / Canada 2013)

8) Been ski-ing a couple of times – I really want to go again!!

9) Own two dogs – Megs and Gemma

10) Finally bought Taid’s house

So that’s it… nothing too quirky there really!

How about you? What do you consider to be some of your greatest achievements to date?

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Well the F1 sport seems to be in bit of a turmoil at the moment. Marussia F1 team still reeling from the Jules Bianchi accident has shut shop. It was sad to see footage of the team leaving the factory with all their belongings in boxes. 🙁 But it was heartening to hear Team Principal (is that former now?) Graeme Lowdon on the Sky F1 coverage discussing how it is possible for the team to be revived before Abu Dhabi (in 2 weeks time!) if the right investor is found. Today Sky F1 are reporting that Marussia administrators are in serious take over talks. I hope they can survive!

On the same day it was announced that Marussia had shut shop, it was announced that Caterham F1 team had also gone into administration. I saw the footage of the factory flags being lowered which was sad! Over the race weekend there was much talk about their “crowdfunding” idea which if I’ve understood correctly is basically begging the fans to fund them. (By today they’ve topped £1m but need a further £2m to get to Abu Dhabi). Christian Horner said that he didn’t think the crowdfunding idea was a good one because the fans already pay so much to attend the races that asking for them to fork out more was a bit much. I agree with him to some extent except if I had enough money I might have helped out.


Then to top all of this off there is talk of the top teams (Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari etc) would run 3 cars next season so that the grid is filled. However the smaller teams (Force India, Sauber etc.) believe that there is a conspiracy to drive out the smaller teams thus turning F1 into a 5 team sport. The person most vocal about this conspiracy is Bob Furnley of Force India. I hope he’s wrong as I wouldn’t want the sport to be whittled down to 5 teams. We need variety!

But there’s more!! The driver line up for next year still hasn’t settled. McLaren have yet to decide on a line up although apparently Alonso has signed for them in the biggest ever deal in F1. This is a bit of an odd combo in mind considering the 2007 season. Assuming this is true, who will partner him? A youthful Magnussen or an experienced world champion in the form of Jenson Button? I hope Button stays in F1 but if Mark Webber’s tweet is anything to go by then he’s off to join him in the WEC Endurance.


So interesting times in F1!


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This month I’m taking part in #Blogtober14…. join in…. with Helene and Taylor

Helene in Between

Day 21. Dream Vacation Holiday

Sorry couldn’t help it! Just had to update for UK speak!

I briefly touched on this in my very first Blogtober14 post about what I’d do if I won the lottery. I think my dream holiday could be one or two depending on who I go with!


Or to be very specific to the Australian Grand Prix (yes Formula 1 related – what else?!) It’s currently being held at Albert Park in Melbourne. I would LOVE to go to Melbourne so I could combine both the F1 and the Neighbours tour.

I’d also love to go to Sydney and maybe walk the harbour bridge. I’d also want to stand in front of the Sydney Opera House. Maybe also take a visit to Kangaroo Island (yup exactly that – an island of kangaroos!). Also have a stroll along Bondi Beach.

Might also take a hike to Ayr’s Rock en route to Alice Springs. I probably wouldn’t hike up it in a ball gown a la Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert though!

And finally I would like to visit Queanabean just so I could say I’ve visited Mark Webber’s hometown (there’s that obsession creeping in again!!).

Canada or America

I’m undecided but I would love to go skiing to Canada (again) or to Lake Tahoe in America. Since I’ve already been to Canada I’m thinking maybe America would be best. I’ve been lucky enough to visit Lake Tahoe with snow but it was on a bus trip and we were only passing through. It was clearly a ski resort as all the shops sold skiing gear.



Well this is a family holiday we intend to go on at some point. Hubby and I have already done the Disneyland Florida thing (our honeymoon) but I want to take Little Miss there to see Mickey and Minnie. Even I got excited when I spotted Minnie!

This time I would also like to visit the Florida Keys as well and drive along that huge bridge that connects them all.


What is your dream vacation?


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This month I’m taking part in #Blogtober14…. join in…. with Helene and Taylor

Helene in Between

Day 19. What Makes You Happy?

A lot of things make me happy. I’m actually quite a happy person really. I was told by someone at work recently that it was good to have me back because I brighten the place up! That’s always a good thing to hear! So here’s a few things that make me happy.

Family Stuff

Of course my family make me happy! I have a great little family unit – loving husband, beautiful little baby girl and two mischievous pups! Some small specific things that have made me happy recently:

– Little Miss has mastered crawling and is trying to stand up. It’s going to be fun!
– when Little Miss goes to sleep with no fuss! (This makes me very happy!)
– watching her sleep peacefully is just magical!
– coming home to Little Miss and she gives me the biggest smile and hugs!
– seeing Megs and Gemma rough housing is always fun!
– sofa cuddles with my hubbybunch is always nice! Especially when we’re catching up on Neighbours and Pointless!


Food Stuff

I’ll never be a skinny bitch because I love my food way to much! Specifically…

– Chinese takeaway! I cannot live without chinese food and nothing will beat the takeaway of my home town!
– egg custard tarts. Yup STILL not kicked the habit!
– Twix Mix packets! I started eating them because they had an offer for Cineworld tickets. Got slightly addicted!


Work Stuff

Work always makes me happy! I don’t think I’ve ever had a time when I didn’t want to be there. Yes as sad as it may sound I love work! In fact my husband says that if I’m on a downer I should go to work as it always cheers me up!

Random Stuff

Then there’s always random stuff that makes me happy!

Mark Webber! Hehe yeah thinking back to when I met him (twice!) always brings a smile to my face!
– a great F1 race is always a winner in my book!
– having your favourite actor from you favourite soap “favourite” your tweet is always good!
– and having an F1 team “like” your Instagram photo is great!


And finally…

There are certain television shows that make me happy. My favourite show Red Dwarf makes me happy. Not only is it fantastic (and gives you my favourite quote) but it’s also partly the reason hubby and I started going out! When I met him and said I liked Red Dwarf he went home and told his mum he’d found the woman of his dreams! Ahh bless! We also got engaged because of Red Dwarf but that’s another story!

What makes you happy?


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