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I picked up the latest Tesco magazine whilst doing the shopping earlier this week. I found it to be extremely interesting. This issue had a whole section on family life and how to have a happy family life. Most things mentioned seemed to be common sense to me to be completely honest but I couldn’t help but enjoy the articles nonetheless. Here’s the bits I found most interesting:





My particular favourite is “eating together”. Currently the hubby and I will eat our food sat in front of the telly box (normally watching Neighbours) but we’ve already discussed eating habits post baby. At the beginning it will probably be a “eat when you can” arrangement but as soon as it’s old enough to sit by a dinner table then we’ll be sitting down around a table to eat as a family. So we can have a conversation. iPads and iPhones will be banned from sitting with is. I may tolerate a book on occasions but tech stuff is banned from the dinner table! That goes for me and the hubby as well as the kids!


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