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I was tagged by Charlotte at Black & White Sheep for The Blogger Interview tag!

1. How did you get into blogging?

Here’s an example of a trading card

Years ago (and by that I mean over a decade ago!) there was a craze of online trading card games where you would play games to earn cards, then trade these cards with other players to collect sets. It was a strangely addictive thing which is how I first came across blogging.

2. What advice would you give bloggers starting out?

Do it if you enjoy it. When the fun stops, you’ll lose your motivation and it will become a chore. It happens to everyone and when it happens – take a break. Also, join in Twitter chats – best thing I ever did!

3. What would be your dream campaign?

Oh anything Formula 1 related! Well actually I’d love it if a team sent me to a race to cover the activities that goes on during a race weekend. If one of the F1 teams fancy jetting me to the Australian GP to cover their race weekend then I’ll do it! Hell I’d even do Silverstone GP! *hint hint*

4. Do you have a plan for your blog?

Yes and no – I have a routine of sorts in that I try to post every other day but occasionally I fail! As for a long term goal, I will keep doing it as long as I enjoy it! 🙂

A short and sweet post for you today! Oh and I’m tagging Bev of Confuzzledom, Anca of Anca’s Lifestyle in the UK and Sian of Cakey Dreamer… also anyone else who fancies doing it!


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  1. 19th October 2015 / 8:08 am

    I will try to get round to it soon!

  2. 19th October 2015 / 7:10 pm

    Thank you x I already did the interview last month, it was so much fun. I would love to cover a F1 race on my blog… or all of them 😀

  3. 23rd October 2015 / 1:32 am

    How do you join in with twitter chats? I never have before but it does sound like fun!

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