The Joys of Pregnancy!

As I may have mentioned I’m currently expecting my first baby and all these experiences are new to me. The latest “joy” that I’ve discover is the fact that I am more prone to leg cramps. According to article found via Google (what did we do before Google?), this is due to the fact that my legs are now carrying more weight than previously. 3 out of 4 cases of leg cramp occur whilst sleeping as your body is lying down. This I found out first hand as I had my first pregnancy leg cramp at 5am on Saturday morning! I was in complete agony! If you’ve never experienced it then count yourself lucky! Your calf muscle goes rock solid and your foot tenses up. The advice for when this happens is to place your heel flat on the floor. Problem is that doing that in itself will cause even more pain but it just has to be done to release the muscle.

I’ve been reading up about prevention and some advise eating a banana before going to bed. Other suggest doing calf stretches of 5mins 4 times a day. So I’ve started to do this. It’s difficult to tell if it works as I’ve only had the one cramp so far and that may have been a one off anyway. But prevention can’t be a bad thing as I don’t want to experience another one!

I’ve had one leg cramp before and that was almost 4 years ago. I had never experienced one before and was in utter panic! I had to wake the hubby (fiancĂ© as he was back then) and he was also panicking. Because I was in such pain I couldn’t explain to him what was happening. It was a horrible experience for all concerned!

There are many other “joys” of pregnancy but I’ll get on to them again. It should be noted that not all experiences are bad even though a lot of women I speak to seem to think it is a bad few months!


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