The Week That Was

I was going to start to say it’s been a busy week but in all honesty I can’t think what I’ve been doing! So I’ll take it back to last week and start from there!


I went in to work for a proper day’s work! This meant wearing work clothes (suit trousers, heels etc) rather than the jeans I’ve been wearing recently. I’m just glad that I could still fit into them! I went out to see a client in the morning and then had a meeting in the afternoon with some colleagues. After the meeting I had a good catchup with my boss!

At lunch I also went to see my other best friend and her family. She’s got a little boy who’s 6 weeks old. Of course we’ve already paired him and Little Miss off! 😉 It was nice to see her even if her partner ate two of my egg custard tarts! And she’s agreed to be Little Miss’ Godmother.


I went up to the house to meet the plumber and discussed what needs doing. So we’ve agreed that the best option is to keep the current boiler, service it and replace pipe work in the bathroom and then fit the new bathroom in. Eventually we will need to replace the heaters but for now I’m leaving them be as I simply do not have the money to do it! (I actually have no money to do anything but I’ll find a way)!

I carried on with taking down wallpaper and it soon became clear that I has ‘helped’ Taid when he was papering the hall because underneath I found crayon drawings of a fat man (Taid was a big guy in his time) and someone (me!) had scrawled “Taid” underneath! I forgot to take a photo of it!

It was Dad’s birthday but he wasn’t in so I went to Nain’s house and left his card and present there. I had lunch with Nain and then went down to meet hubby and Little Miss. I then took them to see Nain which she loved!


My in laws were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary so we went out for Sunday lunch. Hubby’s brother and his partner couldn’t make it as brother in law had a chest infection and didn’t want to spread it.

Then hubby went to pickup our new car – a Ford Focus! It’s costing us £183 per month which is £110 per month cheaper than our current car but we’re still getting a big car! The pram fits nicely in the boot!

After he got back we watched the Bahrain Grand Prix – I won’t go into that as I may discuss it in my next F1 Wednesday post.


Not much happened on Monday except mother in law came over and we dressed Little Miss in her christening outfit to make sure it fits. Found that we needed a vest for her and the dress was ever so slightly too big. So MIL took it away to tuck it in. She also bought some pretty shoes for her!


Mam was off on Tuesday so we went into town to get Little Miss a vest for her christening. Whilst I was waiting for mum to park the car I sat overlooking the square watching the little fountains splash away.
I managed to get some vests for Little Miss and I also bought hubby a pair of slippers so he stops stealing mine! I was very tempted to buy him these as well!

As Mam had a day off she offed to babysit Little Miss in the evening so hubby and I could go to the cinema – date night as he called it. Mam and Little Miss dropped me off halfway there and hubby picked me up. Whilst I was waiting around I walked around the village as I’d never been there before. I just loved the look of this house! Looks like it used to be a church or chapel or something.

We went to see the new Captain America film. It wasn’t bad to be honest.


Not much happened again. Had a bloke come over to give us a quote on the garden and later on he emailed to say it was too big a job for him. Hubby was annoyed whilst I was just disappointed. All we need really is to seperate the dog area away from the grass area. It is a big job but it needs doing!


Well this morning Little Miss had her second set of jabs at 9am. She was such a good girl. She cried a she was given the second needle but soon after she was all smiles at the nurse. We went for a walk around town again but most of the shops were closed – I think it’s late opening on Thursdays. There’s some lovely boutique style shops down the side streets which are within the castle walls. I spotted this little glasswork Scottie in the gallery but it was closed. After looking through the window it looks like there’s a lot of glasswork stuff in there – best avoided with the beast of a pram we have! And then next door I spotted the chocolate shop which was also closed!

After coming home I fed Little Miss and she fell asleep in front of the telly. I managed to do some laundry and prepared the veg for this evening’s risotto. I also watched the end of Notting Hill and started to watch Short Circuit 2. I know it’ll make me fat but I also bought some egg custard tarts and decided to eat them with a panad!

Little Miss started stirring so I nudged her awake to feed and change her…. Mistake! Should have left her there as she screamed blue murder! She did eventually calm down and took her bottle but started screaming again soon after! She’s now calmed down but zonked out on my lap in front of Baby TV and I’m too scared to move as I don’t want to wake her! So shhhhhh!

I didn’t manage to get my F1 post for Media Monday post finished this week so they’ll be done for next week. It’s also unlikely I’ll get my Foodie Friday post done by tomorrow either! But I did manage to finish another travel tale which is now up! I’m currently half way through another as well which will be up next week at some point. I’m going to leave you at that for now. Hope you all had a good week!


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  1. 11th April 2014 / 10:15 am

    That church/chapel house is amazing. I want to live there!

    • Becster
      12th April 2014 / 9:24 am

      I always find the renovated churches/chapels to be fascinating! I would love to see the inside of this one.

  2. Kelly
    16th April 2014 / 8:28 pm

    Wow you did have a crazy busy schedule! I feel like I’ve done nothing but go, go, go since April 1st! How nice that you and your husband got to have a date night and celebrate anniversaries and birthdays. Wales is so gorgeous, its making me want to visit (even more than I already do. I love Kate Middleton!)

    • Becster
      17th April 2014 / 10:17 pm

      I think April is just a busy month! We’re so lucky that we have our parents to babysit. It sounds awful but it’s good to get away for a bit! Wales is gorgeous especially when it’s sunny! Kate Middleton doesn’t live in Wales anymore not since William finished his duty with the RAF. But we have walked along the beaches where used to take their dog for a walk. He was stationed not that far from us.

      • Kelly
        18th April 2014 / 12:59 am

        That doesn’t sound bad! Having an infant is no easy feat, it’s nice to get away for some one on one time 🙂

        Wait, did you saw Prince William and Kate in person? If so, I am officially jealous of you. I am obsessed with the Royal family…I told my dad he should’ve accepted a job in England so I could be a princess haha.

        • Becster
          18th April 2014 / 7:30 am

          Lol no I haven’t seen them in person. They used to walk their dog on the beaches in Anglesey and we’ve been there also but not at the same time as them. I have stood close to Prince Philip though

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