*** Things You Must Pack When Going On a Family Trip ***

Travelling may be a delightful and educational experience, but it is also a challenging one. There always seems to be at least one item that is not packed, whether it is someone who is making his first trip or someone who is an experienced tourist. It is at all times helpful to have a thorough list of what things one may want to pack. While most suitcases are inherently customized to fit the needs of the tourist, a complete international travel list usually contains some absolutely necessary items, especially on family trips. Here are some of the items that everyone must pack while going on a family trip.

Plastic zip-lock bags for children

Travelling usually involves trips to specific locations where a specific set of clothes are needed. For instance, when on a jungle safari there are certain essential items that need to be packed (binoculars, khaki shorts, etc.). Adults can obviously mix and match and have their complete attire fixed in a matter of hours. However, children usually take a lot of time on deciding what to wear. This can be a big hassle for parents. Hence it is advisable for them to plan the attire beforehand. Then, take a zip-lock bag separate for every outfit. Everything that is needed for that outfit must be put in that zip-lock bag. For instance, Shorts, top, socks, underclothing, hair band, anklets, etc, can be packed in one bag. The children do not need to be worried about having the right clothes for the right situation and the parents too are all set.

A bag for toiletries

Toiletries including Radox bubble bath, soap and nailbrush

Even though most hotels and guest houses offer a range of toiletries, often though it’s not enough. In many cases the soaps or shampoos they provide can be harmful to the child’s skin and hair. Hence, it is best to carry a private set of toiletries for each member of the family. Plus, everyone can feel a lot more comfortable using their own products instead of having to panic on a trip when items like the right toothpaste are not available! Checking out websites such as Indreviews.com is a great way to gain an insight on which toothbrushes and other hygienic products are best for children when travelling.

Different luggage for each member

Set of five different suitcases and backpacks

Instead of cramming up everyone’s clothes into a few suitcases, it is advisable for each family member to carry his or her own piece of luggage. Here’s how this can help each one of them.

  • It teaches responsibility – Every member becomes responsible for his or her own set of clothes and items.
  • Freedom to choose – Having the luxury of a separate luggage means that the family members have their own freedom to choose which items they want to carry. In case they forget to bring something to the trip, it can always be an advisable lesson for the next trip!
  • Less confusion – When each person has his or her own luggage, it avoids confusion. There is no hassle of rampaging through a suitcase to look for items.  

Packaging for a trip can be quite confusing; however, following these tips can make it easier!

Have you ever travelled with kids? Any additional pro tips to share?

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