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This Little Big Life

Welcome to another edition of This Little Big Life. This my post for the weekly #ThisLittleBigLife linky hosted by Louise and Sarah. As always, skip the vlog for a more detailed post.


Bullet Journal and Happy Mail

The morning was spent at work discussing the EU Referendum result… I could bang on about it but I won’t. So my weekend started on Friday afternoon since I had an afternoon off work to take the dogs for their annual bath. I had planned a lovely afternoon of blogging, bullet journalling but that plan went a bit tits up when the plumber turned up to install our washing machine.

And since I was home early I went to pick up the girls and played around with the Selfie Phone Clip on my way.


Caernarfon Harbour

The weather was a bit doom and gloom but the morning was promising to be a bit better than the afternoon so hubby went to mow the lawn whilst I took the girls down to town. I needed to get to the Post Office since I hadn’t managed it the day before.

I went to Home Bargains and Asda as I’m trying to get inspiration for Miss Mostyn’s birthday present. What on earth do you get a one year old that already has everything because her older sister has everything? So the only thing I could think of was a slide for the garden? Although again this would be more for her older sister. Any ideas please comment!! Oh and I also managed to finally put our gecko up in our downstairs loo.

Finally put the gecko up! #geckosofinstagram #lanzarote #snowdonia

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In the afternoon my Mam came over to take away two old sofas. They’re surplus to requirements in our house since we have our main living room and then a smaller living room. These sofas were in the smaller room which we’re going to turn into our office/storage room. We should really change it to be a playroom but for now we just want to move things out of our main living room.

Slides and sofas

For dinner on Saturday I made some homemade pizza and whilst I was making pizza Little Miss was busy playing with Play Doh. And then the other piece of good news is that Wales beat Northern Ireland to go through to the Quarter Finals of the Euros. I’m not a big football fan but this is good! (Sorry Northern Ireland!).

Homemade pizza and play doh


Well what a washout Sunday was! It rained all day but that didn’t stop us from going to From Goch Garden Centre for lunch. They do a mean carvery!

Fron Goch Garden Centre

We ended up buying a tree and some plants for our garden. We had to buy a tree since hubby had taken out our doggy poop bing which left a rather large hole in the garden. In the end we¬†decided to go for an oak tree so it can grow nice and big and become a feature at the end of our garden. We also bought some foxgloves and ferns to plant behind it since they’ll grow well in it’s (eventual) shadow.

Planted Tree and Flowers

So how was your weekend?


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  1. Kelly
    3rd Jul 2016 / 10:20 am

    Hi there, its Kelly from Our Little Organic Life here…thought I’d come check out your site too! I just LOVE a trip to the garden centre, though I don’t have the greenest of fingers. I’m getting better though. Did you buy any of those beautiful lupins? I also see you are also a Formula One fan. My husband was at the Formula E in Battersea yesterday and came home with a ridiculous amount of VIP paraphernalia, so if you’d like me to share some with you I’m happy to send you some, just send me a Facebook message! Have a great weekend!

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