Three Confessions

Three Confessions

The prompt today is “Three Confessions” so I thought I’d confess to three of my weird celebrity crushes!

Sam Neill

Ahh yes Sam Neil! Jurassic Park was the film that brought him to my attention but one of his better works (in my opinion) is Merlin. It was a two-part American TV film that was filmed here in North Wales. Caused quite a stir!

Jeremy Irons

DIE HARD 3!!! Enough said!!

Alan Rickman

Ugh sad! But really, do I need to explain this one? He does nasty bastard really well and I fell for him after watching Die Hard! Then of course the nastiest of all was the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves. I mean if it wasn’t for Alan Rickman (and possibly Bryan Adams’ song) that film would be pure shite!

Have you got any weird crushes?


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  1. 30th Oct 2016 / 5:09 pm

    I totally get the first and third. But only in Jurassic Park and Robin Hood – I don’t think I have seen them in anything else and thought phwoar. That said, Jeff Goldblum totally overshadowed Sam in Jurassic Park for me.

  2. 8th Dec 2016 / 8:49 am

    Not crushes but admire Alan Rickmans acting and being a potter fan snape ahh x

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