Tips for Staying Warm This Winter

Tips on Staying Warm This Winter

Oh my word has the temperature taken a dip this week or is it me? I woke up this morning and my feet were freezing! I realised quite quickly that the central heating was off! Epic fail on the Hive front there! * After getting to work and being the only one complaining that I’m having trouble staying warm this Winter, I decided to have a think about how I can keep snug as a bug (in a rug) this Winter!

* please note that it was probably me fiddling about with settings and not Hive’s fault!

So from the cold Snowdonia mountains I give you my….

Top Tips for Staying Warm This Winter

Hat, scarf and coatĀ 
Invest in a decent coat. Don’t keep wearing your husband’s thin waterproof coat. Yes it’ll keep you dry but won’t keep you warm.

Warm food
Ditch theĀ salad box for a nice warm soup. My favourite is a leek and potato soup. Or alternatively nothing can beat a lobscows. Especially with some buttered bread. I’ve yet to make a decent home cooked lobscows so that’s on my 2017 goal list. If anyone has any tips then please share!

Having a good central heating system is a must. We have one of those remote control systems now which means we can control our heating on the go. It’s supposed to save me on gas costs because I can turn it on/off as and when. I can also setup a minimum temperature and apparently I should keep the overnight temperature to be at least 18.

For more tips on how to save energy over winter then head on over to this handy page – Keep Your Energy Bills Down This Winter.

Hot Drinks
Keep hydrated and drink a couple of hot drinks throughout the day. My personal favourite is a cup of tea. I’m not overly fussed about the brand so long as it’s a decent brew. I am jealous of people who can drink hot chocolate with all the trimmings though – as much as I like chocolate and cream, I can’t bring myself to drink it!

Staying Active

OK I’m not going to start preaching for you to go running because well I don’t do it! But what I have found is that running around after two little ones does get me sweating! I think it’s probably more of a sign that I’m unfit than anything else! But it does prove that keeping active does keep you warm!

Have you got some handy tips on staying warm this winter?

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  1. 29th December 2016 / 1:56 am

    It gets pretty cold here in winter! One thing we always do is weatherproof the house – we weatherstrip the doors and we wrap the windows in plastic.

  2. 29th December 2016 / 1:47 pm

    Aww, I have a waterproof coat from my husband. Warm soup and freshly baked bread really make me feel warm too. x

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