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I honestly cannot remember which day we went to Gozo but during our visit to Malta we took the trip over to Gozo. As we were staying at the Mellieha Bay Hotel the ferry terminal was only a short drive away so hubby’s dad (FIL) took us to catch the ferry. I can’t remember how much it was but I remember thinking it wasn’t too bad.

Me in my fab straw hat!

Brangelina Spotting?

It had been reported the week before we went there that Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie were having a working honeymoon in Gozo and that they had hired a private yacht out there. Of course we didn’t bump into them but if anyone asks we did get a wave from them ok? 😉

Pitt & Jolie's yacht (not really)


Mgarr Port

After arriving at Mgarr port we hopped into a taxi because the queue for the bus was so long! The taxi driver took us to Victoria (capital of Gozo) where he dropped us off at a Mothercare. It looked brand new and very swish. What was great was they had a changing room and air conditioning! After using their facilities we bought Little Miss a pink unicorn stuffed toy (which we still have) and headed off up the hill towards the Citadel.



After getting there we were quite impressed with the place. Unfortunately there were works going on so there’s a few machines in my photos but never mind. At the entrance I made a new friend – this little fella was standing with his owner and came over to me for attention. The owner said that the bird was a bit of a ladies man (although I think that could have been his chat up line you know?!).

We decided to have a walk around the Citadel which was a it of a chore with a pram! But it was worth it for the views. Here are some photos of the Citadel and area.

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We then headed back down to the town to find some food. We got a bit lost but there were some amazing backstreets there. I don’t know why but I was completely fascinated by these sorts of side streets and alleyways.

Gozo backstreet

We found our way to a little piazza where there was an impressive church which had all these fairy lights on it. Afterwards I googled it and the lights were on the church for some celebration they were having. It would have been nice to see the place lit up.

We eventually found our way back to the main street and came across a McDonalds. We had a quick meal and Little Miss got a balloon to play with (much to the hubby’s annoyance). I got chatting to a local woman who amazingly knew exactly where Snowdonia was! She has friends in Pwllheli! Such a small world!

Bus Trip Around Gozo

After food we walked back to the main bus stop and caught a bus back to the ferry. The bus was full because it was clearly the school run but fair play to the bus driver he made someone give up their seat for me to be able to sit with the pram – something I was quite glad of by the time we reached the ferry because the bus took us around all the small villages on the island! The scenic route shall we say! It was fascinating looking at these villages and seeing how other people live.

That’s all for today – I’ll be back with another Travel Tale soon!

What do you think of Gozo? 


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  1. 25th Nov 2015 / 1:14 pm

    It’s beautiful and the bird is so cute, wonderful memories.

    • 23rd Dec 2015 / 1:54 pm

      The bird was great! Although by the time we got back out he was in a strop!! x

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