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New York

I thought I’d share some of my travel tales with you. I had uploaded them as seperate pages but have decided now to promote them to being regular posts. My first tale is New York 2013. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin… (p.s. if you want to see any image in more detail then click on it and it will open to be full size).

When I found out in April that I was pregnant, hubby and I decided we would go for one last epic holiday whilst we could! We decided we wanted to go to the Canadian Grand Prix. We looked at package holidays and there were adverts for 4 days in Niagra Falls then 4 days at the GP. We decided that 4 days in New York would be more interesting than Niagra Falls. So I booked it with the local travel agent and ordered my GP tickets.

1st June


The Empire State Building and Madison Square Garden

We headed out of Manchester and into Newark Airport. From there we got a yellow cab to our hotel – The New Yorker. Walking in to the hotel and we were quite impressed! And when we got to the room we were still liking it! The room itself was small but from the window you could see Madison Square Garden and The Empire State Building. This was good enough for me!


A bit jet lagged at Central Park and at Times Square!

It was still light when we settled in so we went out for a quick wander. We walked up to Times Square and had a look around. We then carried on up to Central Park and took photos at the entrance next to the Trump Hotel. We had a very quick walk in the park and a sit down because boy is it far from the hotel! Then we headed back towards the hotel to have some rest.

2nd June – Empire State Building and TOM HANKS!


The Empire State Building

The next day we went on the tour buses and headed down to The Empire State Building. The views from up there are just crazy!! Even though it was a sunny day it was still quite chilly up there!


“Lunch at Sardi’s everyday” and Tom Hanks’ billboard!

We booked tickets to see The Lion King because we had heard everyone rave about it. On the way back from the booking office we walked along the backstreet to the Minskoff Theatre I noticed a big photo of Tom Hanks above one of the theatres. I then realised that he was doing a show on Broadway!! If I’d have known I would have booked to see this show! We went into the foyer to see what the show was and a security man told us to keep quite as there was a show on. I asked him if Tom was there and he said “yes ma’am he is doing the matinee today”. How excited did you think I was?? He told me the show would be finishing in around 45 minutes so we walked back to the hotel to get pen and paper and then we walked back up to wait at the stage door.

Whilst waiting there I noticed Sardi’s (“lunch ar Sardi’s everyday” – The Producers)! HAD to take a photo of that!! At the stage door there were a handful of people waiting but then the show finished and everyone flooded out onto the street. The security guard had seen me and the other handful wait patiently and ensured we were at the front of the barriers for when Tom came out. And yay for him because I got Tom’s autograph! He didn’t stay to talk to anyone just rushed out and signed autographs for the first two rows of people then waved bye and off he went in his car! But who cares – I GOT TO MEET TOM HANKS! T-O-M H-A-N-K-S!!! Oh yeah!!! As you can see from the photo – I was very happy!!


TOM HANKS!!!!!!!

In the evening we did another bus tour where they took you over to Brooklyn and you could look back towards Manhattan. Brooklyn always seems to be the worst place to live in all these movies but I must admit, it looked lovely from what we saw! I also love the Brooklyn bridge. I find it so beautiful! After the tour we were back at Times Square and on the way back to the hotel we stopped for a traditional slice of pizza! 😀


View of Manhattan from Brooklyn, the divine Brooklyn Bridge, a typical Brooklyn street, and then us with some classic NY pizza!

3rd June – Hudson River Cruise

We walked down to the Hudson and did one of the river cruises and go to see the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Manhattan. Unfortunately we couldn’t visit the Statue of Liberty nor Ellis Island as they were still rebuilding following the damage from Hurricane Sandy. But never mind we got to see some famous landmarks and had a nice day.


Ellis Island, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty and Manhattan

In the afternoon/evening we had tickets for the Harlem bus tour and so we decided to do that. It was a beautiful day when we headed out but we could see the weather coming in and it rained so hard whilst we were sitting on the open top bus! They handed out ponchos but we still got a drenched!


The lovely weather!

4th June – MIB HQ

This was our last full day in New York. We decided to make today a movie locations day and tried to visit any movie locations we could! We were determined to find Men In Black HQ so we walked around and down towards Brooklyn Battery tunnel as the HQ was the terminal or something. We eventually found it! Of course we had to to get our photo taken in front of it! 😀 We also passed the new One World Trade Centre on the way – impressive!


One World Trade Center & us in front of MIB HQ (aka Brooklyn Battery Tunnel Authority)

As it happened one of the bus tours had a pick up stop near the building so we got on the bus to head back towards Times Square. We went past Wall Street – it looked like such a small street! The tour guide said that the place was flooded during the hurricane and that some buildings were still trying to sort themselves out! We passed the infamous Waldorf Astoria where they shot Coming To America.


A – Waldorf Astoria / B – Tom Hanks’ piano! / C – Rockerfeller Center / D – The Nintendo Store / E – Lightning McQueen / F – With Bumble Bee / G – The famous “girder” statue / H – Central Park / I – Chrysler Building

We went up to the Natural History Museum so we could have our photo taken with Robin Williams a.k.a Teddy Roosevelt in Night at The Museum. We didn’t go around the museum itself as we would have had to pay to get in and had ran out of money by now! So we headed to Central Park and walked accross to the other side. We visited the Apple Store – I don’t know why as they’re all the same! And then went to FAO Schwartz so we could see the famous floor piano from Big! So not only did I meet Tom Hanks but I also visited the location of one of his most famous scenes! 😀 We then went to Grand Central Station well because I wanted to see it’s grandness with my own eyes. It was lovely! Super impressive!


Yum Yum Bangkok! Hubby’s coke in a jam jar and the lovely food. It was delicious!

After that we stopped off at Yum Yum 3 to have another meal as we thoroughly enjoyed it the previous evening. After that we headed back to the hotel to get changed and then went to see The Lion King. Everyone had been raving about the show which is why we booked it but I must admit, I was very disappointed. I thought it was terrible! And to make matters worse I had a young man sit next to me babbling spanish throughout because he was translating to for his girlfriend. No offence but you don’t need to translate Lion King! I was so gutted that we didn’t enjoy it especially since we could have gone to see Tom Hanks instead! 🙁


The “Ed” costume and us with our pudding after!

5th June

Today we checked out of the hotel and paid one of the town cars to take us to the airport. We flew out of LaGuardia and on to Montreal! This will be discussed in more detail in another post.

Have you ever been to New York?


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  1. Mellissa Williams
    6th July 2015 / 11:05 am

    Great post, I can’t believe you got Tom Hanks’ autograph too!

    • Becster
      6th July 2015 / 11:55 am

      Glad you enjoyed it! And I know! It was amazing!! Never ever thought I’d bump into him!!

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